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Mellentesque elit justo, dictum at facilisis nec, aliquam dignissim lectus. Donec gravida dolor in tortor convallis mollis. Donec vel risus ut turpis viverra faucibus. Aenean viverra quam sed nunc consequat vitae aliquam nisl eleifend. Praesent eros nisi, fringilla sed hendrerit nec.

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Oellentesque elit justo, dictum at facilisis nec, aliquam dignissim lectus. Donec gravida dolor in tortor convallis mollis. Donec vel risus ut turpis viverra faucibus. Aenean viverra quam sed nunc consequat vitae aliquam nisl eleifend. Praesent eros nisi, fringilla sed hendrerit nec.

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Heritage Bank Plc, Nigeria’s Most Innovative Banking Service providers is set to commence the account…


- We must all Join Protest for #Endsars, #Endbadgovernance, and #Endbadpolitics


Sequel to the ongoing agitations and Protest embarked upon by the Nigerians youths to say NO to bad governance through the #Endsars Protest, Nigeria Popular Man of God, The Senior Pastor of Grace Nation International,aka Liberation city  Dr Chris Okafor has given his Voice to support the youths on there agitations saying it will check mate the excises of the government for a better Nigeria


Speaking at the Sunday Prophetic service on 18th October 2020, at the international Headquarters of the church in ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, the Generational Prophet of God as he is fondly called said, he will join the youths  not only to protest for #Endsars, but also to  #Endbadgoveenance and #Endbadpolitics

He said the Protest will put the government on there toes for a better tomorrow for the youths, Dr Chris Okafor also remarked that the peaceful conduct of the youths throughout the Protest so far without violence as signal that Politic will not be lucrative again in the country without the youths


The man of God remarked that with the protest the youths can take there rightful place in governance, this they have demonstrated without a specific leader as they Protest, he said they did not mention any one as there leader because Heaven is actually there leader and he is ready to join them tomorrow to continue the protest..God is behind the youths because there destiny actually lies in there hand and they must take it.he concluded

Amidst the harsh realities brought by the pandemic, Wema Bank, last week, announced that it…


The leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to sack all his service chiefs which includes the Inspector General of police, Chief Of Army Staff and Others to douse the tension of the protests against police brutality in the country.


He stated that the protest isn't ordinary as God is involved in it because the protesters stayed united and prayed to God on the protest ground.


He warned President Buhari not to use the military to forcefully end the protest because it will only escalate it, He mentioned that the only solution to stop it is to sack service chiefs.


"Address the nation because there Is more to this protest, it is God's will, God is about listen to the angry people in Nigeria.


God wants to put something to Nigerians. It is high time for the president to act before its too late, nobody is against Buhari's government other than God. God is behind this protesters, it should be addressed as soon as possible.


Buhari should not use force to stop this protest or else it will become deadlier, he should address the nation and do what is right before its too late.


This is a warning to all politicians who are not fit to be in the seat of power, our democracy is shaking. Nigeria unity is shaking too"


CORPORATE STATEMENT Our attention has been drawn to the tweet making the rounds on social…


The executive chairman of MAKADEX AUTO Prince Ibrahim Adedeji Onayemi is set to tie marriage knot with him betterhalf miss RUKAYAT OLAITAN come the 29 November 2020, in Lagos

This young successful businessman said he is ready to put a final marriage right to his relationship with his love as he invite friends and family member to join him to celebrate this remarkable day as a memorable one in the life of his family


All hands are on deck to.make the day a remarkable day, according to his childhood Friend Isaac Yusuf who spoke with Society Herald recently said that Ibrahim  has been a good father to his family, stated further that he knows that he will remain a responsible father to his family


I know Ibrahim as a responsible friend and  am sure he will be a responsible father to his children, I pray for him as he finally tie the knot with his better half, that almighty Allah will continue to be with him and bless him through out the journey


Ibrahim Onayemi is the chairman group of company of Makadex Auto, Madakax Hotel, Makadax Depot, Madadex Poultry among many others


The General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Brother Joshua Iginla has declared his support for the #EndSARS agitators across the country.


In a live video shared on his page, the popular prophet frowned at the rate at which young men are being killed as a result of police brutality.


He explained that most of them are being killed simply because of their dress code and ownership of laptops, which according to him, is terrible.


"Some of our youths have been killed innocently and Massacred recently over dress code and for holding a laptop. We all know we are in a digital era where you transact business via mobile. Its not everyone holding a badge that is into cyber crime.


The rate at which young men have been killed, bastardized and destroyed is terrible. We Need to look at it seriously"


He made it known that the government also need to pay attention to the salaries of security operatives and work on flushing out bad eggs, while praising the good ones among them.


"Pay the soldiers and pay attention to them. That is not to say that fighting  the corruption in the police force is not important. 


 Seriously. Its not a one way thing. its is two way thing from the salary of the police to the abuse of power from some few bad eggs among them. 

Its just like the stigmatization we pastors are facing that all prophets are corrupt. Its everywhere. lets not generalise it . let's deal with the bad eggs, flush them out and  reform them.


I feel its not just about brutality of police but bad governance we should Deal with.  When  we have bad government their will be issues of poor governance or poor attention to things that matters. Imagine we have one person having houses scattered all over the world like Dubai, Canada amongst others.


 They loot our money which can be used to pay police and boost their morals and make them discharge their duties effectively"


Also, He praised Nigerian youths for pursuing a good course but adviced them to be constructive in the protests


"In my own words, they are doing well but we need to be careful during this protest So we don't just heat up the moral of these people saddled with the responsibility of protecting us. 


The reason is that it will get to a point they won't be able to discharge their duties and crime rate will increase and a LOT OF LIVES WILL BE IN TROUBLE.


Right now, a lot of people are being kidnapped here in Abuja and the rate of standard of living has gone down tremendously, lets be careful. Am talking to the youths too lets be careful with the way we do and ensure we are constructive in all we do. 


Let's balance our criticism so we can sit around the table and dialogue, That does not mean that the vision i see should not be given attention toby the government of the day. 


if you don't give that vision attention we will have what we might not be able to Handle.

if our leaders dont treat  the source of these symptoms.... what we are seeing now are just symptoms, there is no way we won't get to a point where we will define or decide whether we staying together or not. 


You can  not continue to suppress the voice that cries for justice when their is injustice.


The disbandment of SARS is not the real issue. when you have a place producing oil and they are  battling with water, air pollution and their needs not attended to, or the resources from this place are taken away to develop other section of the country and the owners are not enjoying the benefits of these resources, it's injustice. we cannot continue to have people who feels we are part of this country and they  have never ruled this country before. 


If there is injustice we will be having issues.


 We should rotate it  until the right leadership does the right thing but if they continue to use police to suppress the voice of justice and this suppression has limitation. that's why its good  for  all stakeholders to talk about the injustice happening to some regions"


- While the tempo of the #EndSARS protests soars across the country.

H.R.M.,Oba Adekunle Oyelude Makama, the Olowu of Owu Kuta, Osun State, has warned the unrelenting, protesting youths not to allow politicians to 

highjack the ongoing protest and manipulate it for their own benefits, as this will make them losing the essence and goals of the exercise. 

"Don't allow some unpatriotic politicians to catch in on what you are doing legitimately, and bring the nation 

to ridicule. All your demands have been met. We congratulate you and we congratulate ourselves. You make us proud, history will not forget you. " 

The monarch made this appeal in a recent video released by his palace. The king also condemned the recent 

call by some northeastern leaders that the members of the disbanded SARS be dispatched to the north to help them fight the insurgency. 

"Take for instance some faceless group in the name of north-east elders, we never saw them to support the armed forces in their onslaught against the insurgence, but because of the legitimate thing you are doing, they are catching in on it, despite the fact that they did not support end on Police brutality. They openly said they prefer the SARS to be deployed to them, they did not share your feelings, they are catching in on what you are 

doing legitimately to play on your intelligence and blackmail the presidency, that they want the service chief removed, for what." 

Oba Makama, therefore called on the political leaders of note from the north, not to politicize matter of national security as this could be very disastrous for the country. He specifically appealed to Senator Kashim Shettima to "please, for God's sake, in the interest of unity and cohesion of the country, should drop any local politics of 

Borno aside and let's face national security issue. " The military is apolitical, please and please support the military, we have absolute confidence in their ability. 

The present leadership are apolitical, they know nothing, than one Nigeria. So for any faceless group to be coming up now, mixing their inordinate ambition with #EndSARS , is not acceptable. The country demands thank you from you. Stop sabotaging military operations every day. Where there is support of locals we will not be losing men. 

"We are losing our sons and daughters from this part of the country, we are contributing men here, and all the few money used is our common wealth that is being poured there, so you don't have monopoly to call for sack 

of service chief. No we don't have regional army, we don't have state army that you can ascribe to yourself the monopoly of putting the leadership. Stop calling that. Our sons and daughters are dying in your place if we don't deserve thank you, then stop playing on our collective intelligence. 

" In the southwest our youths said they don't want police brutality that is why they called #EndSARS, we support them, in the northeast, you said you want the SARS to be deployed to you, you don't share our feelings and we share your feelings and we are dying , our sons and daughters are dying to safeguard you, so please, if 

we are talking about national security, if you are not patriotic to support the stakeholders, work and in hand with the stakeholders and be thankful to the nation, please don't play on our collective intelligence. 

The monarch stressed that he was certain that Senator Kashim Shettima can do the needful. "Is the Army going to end because of Borno, no, the Army will remain, the Army is greater than each state. It's our collective responsibility, we should stop playing to the gallery."


One of the foremost and emerging logistics companies in Nigeria today, SR IPD container and logistics company limited has reiterated its strong commitment to safety and professionalism in the industry as it marks the first year in cargo, haulages and logistics .


The company set to celebrate its 1st anniversary by redefining its commitment in service delivery made this known to the newsmen in Lagos yesterday.


The chairman and Managing Director, Mr Segun Idowu, SR IPD Container and Logistics Company Limited who described SR IPD as a company, started operation on 14th october 2019 into marine logistic business, taking goods from one point destination to others across Lagos, Nigeria and the world. 


Idowu while adding that, challenges have been on professionalism of SR IPD staff to train , retrain and untrain to be safety cautious,  health hazards as serious safe measures put in place within a short span of establishment in the industry .


No record of casualties, loss of life and accident says Idowu.


The Managing Director, state furthered that the operation is seamless for the last one year. Yet, there are ups and downs that are normal for a business not beyond we can handle.


Meanwhile, on the infrastructural development commends the effort of the present government for realizing and taken roads infrastructural as priority along the sea ports in Nigeria especially Lagos port road from Mile 2 to Liverpool jet onward Apapa port while the NIgerian Port Authority (NPA), made it has a  policy issues for all containers not to ply the major road but by waterway.


With this development , Lagos State government and Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) set to enshrine a policy that makes it mandatory and obligatory for all the logistics business organization use the waterway as a means of transportation which more safer, faster, convenient , reduce accidents, create numerous job opportunities and freeze heavy trucks from the major roads, Idowu emphasized.


In the same development, the Co-Chairman SR IPD Container and Logistics Company Limited, Mr Ademola Akanbi expressed gratitude to God Almighty for keeping and sustaining the company despite the challenges in the logistic business within a year.


According to him, "our experience and challenges has taken our learning course to another level to understand the working place in the ecosystem, interact and grab the opportunity in the ecosystem".


The co-chairman Akanbi commends President Mohammadu Buhari on tremendous efforts to reactivate the railway sector as an integral part to the intermodal transportation system linking all ports in Lagos to railway terminals across the sea port in the country.


He noted that infrastructure development is the key to logistic businesses and creating more ports for healthy competitive, productivity, connectivity, efficiency and job opportunities as Nigeria can generates  N7 Trillion yearly if more additional sea ports open across the states.


 Igbos For A Progressive Nigeria, IPAN, an organization formed to unite the Igbos and build bridges of understanding and partnership with other regions of the country, has released an official statement reacting to the current mass protest by Nigerian youths to end police brutalities.


In a statement made available to us, Igbos For A Progressive Nigeria, IPAN, congratulates Nigerians for uniting to fight a common menace bedeviling all and sundry in the country.


 According to the Worldwide President of the group, Lawrence Onuzulike, “The collective will of all Nigerians to fight this danger without any ethnic, religious or political colouration underscores the message of IPAN…that in unity, Nigerians can conquer anything."


Onuzulike said; “We equally salute president Muhammadu Buhari for understanding in the first place that he is a Nigerian, and therefore, showed empathy to the feelings of Nigerians since the commencement of the protests. The constant directive that the protesters must not be harassed and intimidated by the law enforcement agencies shows that the President fully understands that legitimacy truly resides with the people,” added Emeka Nwachukwu, IPAN’s vice president.


He said; "We applaud the decision of the federal government to quickly swing into action towards meeting the five points demands by Nigerians on this matter. It shows the resolve of the government to stand with the collective will of the people."


He added that; "We also salute Nigerians for winning this war. At the same time urge everyone to remain peaceful and law abiding, so that we will truly win the war in the real sense of it.


IPAN is a pro Nigeria group of Igbo patriots working for the unity and progress of Nigeria; adept disciples of one Nigeria as a political philosophy.


The Group also ensures that Ndigbo are part of the scheme of things in Nigeria, with people as well as well-educated and successful Igbos patriots with members and zones across Nigeria and in diaspora.