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Mellentesque elit justo, dictum at facilisis nec, aliquam dignissim lectus. Donec gravida dolor in tortor convallis mollis. Donec vel risus ut turpis viverra faucibus. Aenean viverra quam sed nunc consequat vitae aliquam nisl eleifend. Praesent eros nisi, fringilla sed hendrerit nec.

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Oellentesque elit justo, dictum at facilisis nec, aliquam dignissim lectus. Donec gravida dolor in tortor convallis mollis. Donec vel risus ut turpis viverra faucibus. Aenean viverra quam sed nunc consequat vitae aliquam nisl eleifend. Praesent eros nisi, fringilla sed hendrerit nec.

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Borno Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum was on Thursday, at three communities of Jere LGA, where he supervised the distribution of food items to 5,000 vulnerable families, directed the execution of three projects and paid morale boosting visits to formations of troops. 


Zulum was at Gongulong Lawanti, Khaddamari and Zabarmari, the three most populated towns in Jere. 


At Gongulong Lawanti, the governor shared variety of food items to 4,000 families while 1,000 families benefitted at Khaddamari. Zulum was also at Zabarmari. 


For all communities, the Governor had an interface with the civilian population in the communities visited.


*3 new projects


During his visit, Governor Zulum ordered the execution of 3 projects which include construction of Zabarmari - Maiduguri road, construction/remodeling of a primary healthcare center and construction of an additional school. 


Zulum also directed completion of Gongulong primary health centre which was started during the administration of then Governor Kashim Shettima.


*Morale booster for troops


While in Jere, Governor Zulum visited troops of 195 Delta Company battalion in Zabarmari, Khaddamari and Gongulong Lawanti to boost their morale. 


"I am here to express, on behalf of the government and people of Borno State,  our sincere appreciation to all of you. There was the need for me to come here to commend you. We are very much aware of all the sacrifices you have been making, some of you have not seen your families for quite some time, all in an effort to safeguard the lives and properties of our people. We are very mindful of all that you have been doing, I am here to say a big thank you” Zulum told cheering soldiers. 


The Governor extended similar appreciation to other security operatives working with military in containing the security situation in Borno. 


"Let me also extend appreciation to the Nigerian Police Force,hunters, CJTF and all other security operatives working alongside the Nigerian Military. I urge all of you to work together harmoniously to achieve our common objective of defeating the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents in the state. It is not easy working with the civilian populace, I am calling on you to be patient enough” Zulum said 


Zulum prayed for the repose of the souls of armed forces and volunteers who paid the supreme price protecting the lives and property Borno people. He also donated a patrol vehicle to the military.

Our attention has again been drawn to a tweet by Omoyele Sowore, a failed serial blackmailer, indicating, carelessly, that the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly sent thugs to disrupt a rather peaceful protest engaged in by our youths to drive home a campaign to #EndSARS.

It is really laughable that Sowore, knowing so well that he has failed in a bid to make himself relevant to the youth as fighting their course, has resorted, like a confused ram, to seek to for a safe passage with cooked-up falsehoods.

How can anyone in his right senses even believe that Obasa, who turned up late at the House of Assembly on Thursday, October 8, to identify with the protesters would now sponsor thugs to disrupt the decision of the masses part of whom he represents as a lawmaker?

For a person like Sowore, one would understand; his consistent blackmails have failed to yield a positive result, his plan for a revolution has constantly hit the rocks because the good people of Nigeria see beyond his greedy eyes, the ENDSARS campaign began without anyone reckoning with him or even seeing him as important enough. Thus, he must make himself relevant though any means.

Funny enough, while he tweeted that the Speaker was behind the sponsorship of the thugs, his medium, Sahara Reporters claimed it was the Lagos State Government and this was after photographs were shown to him of the Speaker, who out of town, is at a budget retreat.

Recall that Sowore had, over the last few days made moves paint some youths playing major roles in the protest in bad light. He has accused some of them of making billions from the EndSARS negotiation.

We are encouraged by the words of Reno Omokri, who, in reply to Sowore’s allegations against the youth heads, said Omoyele Sowore is just pained that RevolutionNow flopped and the current protest has become a success.

“Omoyele Sowore is a common blackmailer and I am sure a lot of you know this fact. He’s tried to blackmail me before, he’s blackmailed so many other people with his Sahara Reporters, they write lies…”

It is on record that the Speaker conveyed an emergency sitting of the members of the House of Assembly on Friday, October 9, after which a 7-point demand was made by the lawmakers, one of which was the disbandment of SARS. The House further called for investigation of the officers involved in the extra-judicial killings of some Nigerians.

The House and Speaker Obasa will continue to do whatever it legally takes to stand behind Nigerians at all times.



Speaker Obasa's media office.

Thursday, 15 October 2020 00:00


Written by


Much as the sacked Managing Director of Alpha Beta Consulting LLP, Mr. Dapo Apara, has been making efforts to shake off the dirt on his reputation since June 2018 that he was relieved of his appointment for financial recklessness, investigation into the veracity of his claims and the counter accusations by his former employer reveals that Mr. Apara actually has a case to answer since the firm has discovered financial infractions and sabotage on his part.

Mr. Apara, who supervised the operations of Alpha Beta Consulting as the Managing Director for two years after serving as the Deputy Managing Director from the inception of the company, was fully in charge as he made and signed deals (and agreements) for and on behalf of the firm between 2016 and 2018. He was accorded all the rights and privileges due to his office.In fact, it was he and another partner that were the signatories to the firm’s bank accounts, the capacity which made him and the other partner the signing and paying authority for the cheques of even his successor (Mr. Akin Doherty) for more than one and half year after he had ceased to be Managing Director.

He who comes to equity, they say, must come with clean hands. Unfortunately, Mr Apara did not apply this wisdom in his dealings with the company as my interaction with some top and middle-level Management as well as Junior staffers of Alpha Beta Consulting LLP reveals that Mr. Apara should not have gone to this level because he was the “Alpha and Omega” during his tenure as the Managing Director. He had absolute authority to do and undo. Many of them believed that under his (Apara’s) leadership, the company ran a “one man show” as he was the eye and ear of the company, with absolute power and the freedom to hire and fire.

The issues of corporate governance and transparency were not given due consideration by Mr. Apara as there was no good organizational structure in place. The company was not managed as a going concern but only operated as a ‘chop-I-chop’ system. There was no concern for the needs of the clients as applications were forced down the throat of the clients and at some slightest complaints he used to switch off the system and go his way. Many requests of the client were not attended to but rather he was busy developing his personal application Erpcrebit at the expense of the needs of the client.

It took the current leadership of Mr. Akin Doherty to, among other, Identify the challenges of the company and come up with SMART corporate objectives of the company which has since been in place. The objectives are:

* good corporate governance

* customer satisfaction and 

* business expansion.

Under the good corporate governance system,  welfare packages like insurance policy, Cooperative etc have been created for members of staff. These, according to the staff of Alpha Beta Consulting LLP, were alien during the reign of Mr. Apara. They welcome the new development for which they are grateful to the new management. 

 The removal of Mr. Apara as the Managing Director of  Alpha Beta Consulting LLP was purely as a result of his fraudulent activities and lack of good managerial capabilities which went on for quite a time. The result of the company’s investigation on his activities while in office shows him as a wolf in sheep’s skin as he was neck deep in various financial misdeeds, misappropriation of funds. He betrayed the trust reposed in him as the Managing Director of the company. It is on record that he siphoned about US$5 Million meant for cloud-based services. He was also said to have attempted to bribe his successor  when he discovered that the company was investigating his activities while in office. He fraudulently paid a whooping N12,900,000.00 (Twelve Million, Nine Hundred Thousand Naira) into his (Doherty’s) account. By the way, Mr. Akin Doherty is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and a versatile auditor with more than four decades of active professional engagements.  

Also, Apara raised a laughable allegation of tax evasion against Alpha Beta Consulting LLP despite the fact that he, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, was the ultimate absolute controller of the finances of the company at that time. He failed to carry out his professional duties and responsibilities but prefers to pass the bulk to the innocent stakeholders. This is unfair. 

While in office as the Deputy Managing Director and later the Managing Director, Mr. Apara was in the habit of using the staff of Alphabeta to run the  affairs of his company, Infiniti Segments System Ltd and Infiniti Enterprises, while the salaries and other emoluments of these staff were paid by Alphabeta. Just on 12th October, 2020, twelve staff of Alphabeta Consulting LLP, who were transferred to Osun State in 2011 to work for Infiniti in Osun State (whose salaries were paid by Alpha Beta Consulting for the nine years) returned to Lagos. Meanwhile, all the proceeds of the contracts won by Infiniti Enterprise Ltd (worth billions of naira) were neither reported to nor shared with Alpha Beta Consulting that funded all the projects. 

That Mr. Apara has now approached the court to adjudicate his case is a good development if, indeed, he will follow it up to a logical conclusion this time. It is hoped that this will not be abandoned by him again as he has done before. Mr. Apara had severally approached the court but has never been available to defend his claims whenever the case came up in court. In fact, the EFCC, ICPC, and other agencies of government had called several meetings for him and the Management of Alpha Beta Consulting LLP, to jaw-jaw on the matter but he (Apara) has never showed up.

It is hoped that the issue will be resolved by the court once and for all to save Nigerians the trouble of having to see claims and counter claims again. Let the matter be put to rest this time.


‘Wagbemiga Mary-Peter Onifade

Freelance Correspondence


The Talented young chairman of Possyble Record, olawale Ettu has given his voice to support the movement by Nigerians youth to protect against the inhuman and brutality of the men of the Nigeria police force, Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS,he said the excess of these men are no.longer accepted, so they must be scrapped and the new unit SWAT Men who will take over must be well trained, he said the whole force need to be reform for effectiveness, speaking while taking part in the #Endsars protest in Lagos, the record label MD said, he has been calling on the federal govt since close to 5years now, intimating the activities of the SARS, he said lot of people have be brutalised,killed by the same unit of the NPF, The SARS

I want to use this medium to call all Nigeria youth to be alive in there agitation and caution them to pursue this project to a logical conclusion and warn then against agressiveness so that! Their aims and objective will not be jeopardised

We are ready to ensure that all our country is free from police brutality and killings by errand SARS OFFICERS


... Says, SWAT Can Come Up Later


The President of the Nigerian Guild of Investigative Journalists(NGIJ), Ayoyemi Mojoyinola has faulted the establishment of the Special Weapon And Tactics Team (SWAT) unit as an immediate replacement of the Special Anti-robbery squad (SARS) which was disbanded following massive protests by Nigerian youths in reaction against the widespread brutality and injustice experienced in the hands of SARS operatives.


This is contained in a statement signed by the National Secretary of the Guild, Malam Abdulrahman Aliagan and made available to Journalists in Abuja.


Mojoyinla observed that the establishment of SWAT may be seen as a sign of insensitivity and a misplacement of priority on the part of police authorities, explaining that what is needed at the moment is a complete reform of the Nigerian police force, not creation of a new arm of the Force.


The Guild's President noted further that the Nigerian youths have shown great concerns and displeasure on the operation of the entire police force, as appalling and sickening records and accounts of brutality, torture, extortion, abduction and extrajudicial killings have marred the achievements of the current Inspector General of Police, hence, the need for the IGP to ensure that nothing of such occurs again. 


He added that the IGP should  also go after officers who are culprits of these the alleged acts of unwarranted brutality against citizens especially young people. 


According to Him, SWAT was created with a good intention, especially for the fact that there will be no form of unnecessary oppression, checking of mobile phones, profiling of citizens, as ordered by the Inspector General of Police, but the timing is wrong as emotions are still high and it appears to be a mere replacement for the status quo. 


‘This is not a time to create SWAT, What the Nigerian police needs now is complete reform, that is the way to Go for the Force.


"What we should be talking about now is retraining police officers, making them go through courses that will enlighten them morally and psychologically, increase in their salaries and allowances, not creating another arm that will come into the already failing policing system.


"Let them be reformed, after this has been done, we can now talk about SWAT, the duties of SWAT is needed but not at this time, what we need now is Police reformation’


However, he appreciated the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, and the IGP, Mohammed Adamu for listening to the demands of the youths. 


Meanwhile, he urged protesters to be as peaceful as possible in making their demands.

By Sola Olugbemiro
The Special Adviser to the Zamfara state Governor, Bello Matawalle on Public Enlightenment, Media and Communication, Alhaji Zailani Bappa has declared that Nigerian Youth groups are right to question the rationale behind the relationship between CBN and Zamfara State.
“It is normal and expected that the youths who are leaders of tomorrow should be concerned about ownership of these wealth and also raise questions as to how such wealth is being managed. And that also goes for the gold that has been found in Zamfara state.” He said.
Bappa who took time to clarify the misunderstanding of the ownership of the gold found in Zamfara stated that, the ownership of each of Nigeria’s resources collectively belongs to all Nigerians and ownership is shared as stated in the constitution. Just as mining is on the executive list which means gold in Zamfara state is owned by the Federal government.
“Unfortunately however, the vultures that have been benefiting through the illegal mining of these gold in the past 20 years, sent a wrong information about the ownership of the gold across the country, that Zamfara gold belongs to the state government which is false, in order to cause trouble and continue stealing the gold and continue their illegal mining of this gold.
We thank God that Dr. Bello Matawalle (MON), the executive Governor of the state has now made us all to be aware of the deposit in Zamfara state after dislodging the bandits that illegal miners have used to perpetuate their illegal business over the years.
Governor Bello Matawalle needs to be commended for his boldness and courage to declare that Zamfara State should also be listed among mineral producing States, which is first step in the right direction in securing the country’s wealth.
Aside from Zamfara State, no other State in the North has declared it's mineral resources even though we know that there are precious stones and diamond in many northern States, yet we hardly hear of it.
“We all should commend the Governor of Zamfara State for speaking out and declaring her economic growth to the general public.
“His Excellency Dr. Bello Matawalle MON should be celebrated as an oriented, focused driven Governor, an administrator of great excellence, mentor and teacher.”
Bappa went on to say that,”apart from this, the Governor has within the last three years also introduced sustainable developmental projects in the state, he has supported education more than any other states in the north, and security situation in the state cannot be compared with any other state, just as his records of good Governance is laudable.


The Speaker of the Lagos House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, has urged residents of the state to be prepared for a better 2021 from the government.


Obasa said this at a 4-day retreat on Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and budget process for the staff of the state House of Assembly.


Obasa, who lamented the effect of COVID-19 on the budget of the economy of Lagos in 2020, however commended the executive arm of the government led by Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu for being able to maintain a speed of development and growth for which the state is known.


He also said the House would take special focus on security of the state in the 2021 budget but added that this would in consideration with the governor's focus and plans for the year ahead.


"It is visible to everyone in Lagos that the government of the state has continued, doggedly, to put smiles on the faces of our people.


"It simply means we have been able to gather all we can irrespective of the revenue challenge in the projection we had for 2020," Obasa said.


He noted that Lagos has always taken a pride of place in relation to security of the state and that this would not be different in 2021. This is because, according to him, the state expends huge funds on security annually.


"You must give credit to the Lagos state government if you consider the security situation of the state in comparison with others and we will keep improving on what we have achieved.


"I am not saying we will increase the budget for the coming year for security, we are not going to do anything funny to allow insecurity to take charge of the state.


"So security will be a major consideration in the 2021 budget of the state but that is to be left for the governor to decide. As representatives of our people, we will look for that in the budget and ensure something good enough is considered for security in the coming year," he said.


Concerning the expectations from the retreat, Obasa explained: "We are expecting the budget but before that, we have the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF).


"We have the responsibility of oversight functions and and you can only do this on what you know and have. That is what informed our gathering here, to take our colleagues through what MTEF is all about and what the Lagos would look like in the next three years.


"So we expect each committee to take this in and understand perfectly what would become of each sector in the next three years."


He said he was optimistic that the retreat would add positively to the capacity of the lawmakers to collaborate effectively with the executive arm.


In his opening remarks, the Deputy Speaker, Hon. Wasiu Eshinlokun-Sanni, who represented the Speaker before the latter's arrival, said the resource persons were highly knowledgeable in budget planning and budgeting and that the participants would enjoy every bit of the programme.


Eshinlokun-Sanni said a proper understanding of MTEF would aid lawmakers' understanding of budgeting and budgeting process.


"At the end of the retreat, lawmakers would have been well educated on the essence of MTEF to effective planning and budget process and that the knowledge would help them in their oversight duties," he said.


Welcoming the participants, the Acting Clerk of the House, Barrister Olalekan Onafeko, said Lagos, since its emergence as a democratic state in 1979, had been playing a role in the transformation of Nigeria's economy and making it remain the nerve centre of ECOWAS with a Gross National Product (GNP) of any West Africa Country.


"Beyond its shores, Lagos is regarded as the nerve centre of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) with a Gross National Product (GNP) that is three times that of any West African country, thus making it the hub and the springboard for innovation and development in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.


"With these critical facts in mind, it is highly instructive to note that managing a state like Lagos with such huge economy and massive population coupled with constant daily influx of citizens from other states across the nation is certainly by no means easy. 


" It is said that if Lagos sate were to be a country, it would be the 5th largest economy in Africa. Thus, attaining this enviable stature has taken years of committed leadership, meticulous planning, sustainable development, collaborative efforts within the arms of government, and particularly with robust representation by the legislature," he added.


He described the retreat as a proactive move by the House ahead of the budget presentation and passage.

Ok. Let's put this in simple English. It is a thread.


Why we do not accept the President's and IGP's assurances.

1. You have made at least 6 promises over the last 4 years on the subject. Not a single action was ever taken. These guys come back stronger and worse.

2. The recommendations of the 2018 Presidential Panel on Police Reforms have not been implemented. You set up the panel, empowered them, accepted their report, promised to implement all the recommendations, but failed to implement.

3. You have not actually heard us. You keep assuming what we want. 

4. You do not regret the actions of your killer squad. You are only reactionary. Your words and body language suggest that it is still business as usual.

5. Your men and officers are still on the streets harassing and arresting peaceful protesters, and anyone that records their atrocities.


Now to why SWAT is not the solution.

1. It is difficult to believe that much thought was given to the creation of the new unit. It took less than 3 days to come up with a 'perfect' replacement for SARS. That is just too quick to be taken seriously. Especially in view of your past record of unfulfilled promises.

2. Your selection process for who will be on the SWAT team could not have been thorough. It is logically impossible to screen, approve and designate members of an elite tactical team within 3 days. And you are saying their training will start next week. How did you pick the new officers? It is obvious you are only changing the title from SARS to SWAT. Like NEPA to PHCN. No real difference. It appears you've only invited the dissolved SARS operatives to Abuja so that they can resume as SWAT.

3. You have not told us the mode of operation of the SWAT team, and the command structure. The problem of SARS was only half about the men. It had more to do with their lack of accountability, and fuzzy terms of reference. Add to that their poor training on human rights. You have still not addressed those issues.

4. Nothing has been said about the current detainees in SARS captivity or ongoing cases/investigations. No hand-over, no release. This proves that it is still the same old boys in a new garment.

5. SWAT as a team needs to be properly funded, trained and tooled. We do not have any confidence that there is any funding plan for this 'new' squad.


What then can the Police and Government do to convince Nigeria that this time around, you are serious? 

While we wait for the implementation of the extensive reforms, we need tokens of commitment. Here are a few low hanging fruits you can implement in the immediate and short term to assure Nigerians that this is not mere words again:

 Set up a website or digital data centre to receive all complaints and allegations against members of SARS from 1992 till date. We want to know that you're listening to us.

Set up a Truth Commission with mandate to move from State to State to hear and receive complaints and evidence from all victims (or their families) of SARS brutality.

Order police officer to stop engaging peaceful protesters. NSCDC and FRSC are better suited to manage crowd and traffic at this time. The people are triggered already. Ensure your men don't aggravate them. We should not even be talking about not harassing or arresting them. But this is Nigeria. Tell military and paramilitary man to stop harassing and arresting peaceful protesters.

Invite NBA, National Human Rights Commission, Legal Aid Council, Civil society groups, and the judiciary to audit all SARS detention facilities across the country. And unconditional release of detainees who are innocent or without reasonable cases to answer.

Order the immediate hand-over of all SARS detainees to the regular police formations in each State. With instructions to accelerate investigation and trial.

Announce a compensation scheme for all victims or families of those murdered.

IGP and top brass of the police should physically visit families of confirmed victims of SARS brutality, and condole with them. We want to see empathy. We want to see remorse.

Order immediate and phased psyche evaluation for all present and past SARS operatives. You need to understand why they act the way they do, so that you can preempt such psychological breaks among officers in future.

Order immediate forensic financial audit of all SARS operatives in the country. The monies they have extorted from people are kept somewhere. It wouldn't be so hard to trace.

Announce the suspension of the heads of SARS formations across the country, and make them appear before disciplinary panels. Someone must be held accountable for the atrocities of their operatives.

Order immediate restructure of the police architecture to allow State Governors have effective oversight powers over the police infrastructure in their States.


Finally, when you address us, look into the camera. Stop reading a script. It makes you look like you don't care. Better yet, come out and address the human beings. Do not just talk to cameras and the press.


Michael Olaniyan. 

Office of the Citizen of Nigeria


NIigeria's ex Wimbledon legend Ambassador John Fashanu was at the Ahmed Musa sports academy Kano,to inspect facilities at the complex ahead of the FIND A PLAYER CHANGE A LIFE INITIATIVE, Fashanu was accompanied in a convoy of top government officials in the ministry of youth and sports,and other sports lovers who were excited to see the football legend face to face in the soil of Kano state, Fashanu is in Kano to scout for football talents he will personally sponsor 15 to Europe for professional football,the legend said Kano  is the home of football, which he referred to black gold deposit waiting to be harnessed,he had an interactive session with some young players who were having a training session, Ambassador Fashanu applauded Governor  Dr Ganduje ,the deputy Governor's Dr Nasiru Gawuna,, Commissioner of sports Comrade Lakwaya,SA sport Kabiru baita , Commissioner of information Comrade Mohammed Garba , Director sports,for their warm reception and honor accorded to him,he was overwhelmed by their show of love and acceptance,he pray the Almighty Allah reward them and the entire good people of Kano state,he further stated Kano is peaceful and hospitable for tourist,Amb Ibrahim Gaya the special adviser to the Governor on rural development along side Sanny Ogenyi SA to the legend facilitated the visit


Compiled by 

Helen Aisha Ogenyi

Secretary/Media aide to Amb Fashanu

Tuesday, 13 October 2020 00:00


Written by

The Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed has set up a new Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team that will fill the gaps arising from the dissolution of the defunct SARS. 

The new unit is to commence training at the different Police tactical training institutions nationwide, from next week.

However, the IG has ordered the defunct SARS unit officials to report at the Force Headquarters, Abuja for debriefing, psychological and medical examination in accordance with Section 18 (10) of the Police Act 2020.

The debriefing/ psychological and medical examination serves as a prelude to further training and reorientation before redeployment into mainstream policing duties.

This process will be carried out by (PCSU) Police Counselling and Support Unit, a newly setup Unit created for this purpose to engage in psychological management, re-orientation and training of officers of the Force deployed for tactical operations and other duties.

The new replacement team Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) will also embark on the psychological/Medical examination to ascertain their eligibility and readiness for the new job. This is to commence, nextweek.