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Mellentesque elit justo, dictum at facilisis nec, aliquam dignissim lectus. Donec gravida dolor in tortor convallis mollis. Donec vel risus ut turpis viverra faucibus. Aenean viverra quam sed nunc consequat vitae aliquam nisl eleifend. Praesent eros nisi, fringilla sed hendrerit nec.

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Oellentesque elit justo, dictum at facilisis nec, aliquam dignissim lectus. Donec gravida dolor in tortor convallis mollis. Donec vel risus ut turpis viverra faucibus. Aenean viverra quam sed nunc consequat vitae aliquam nisl eleifend. Praesent eros nisi, fringilla sed hendrerit nec.

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- Nigeria Head of state bid farewell

Nigeria clergy and the Senior Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr Chris okafor has warned against another severe lockdown in the country except if serious prayer were made onto God for immediate intervention, he said God reveals to redeem

Speaking during a Sunday prophetic service at the international headquarters of the church in ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria on 4th October 2020, the man of God said God reveals to him that between  

February and April 2021, there will be a severe lockdown across the globe, which will effect Lagos the more compare to other part of the country, the Generational prophet of God said the only way out for this not to manifest is by prayer, if Christians can come together and cry unto the lord, he said he believe God can have mercy on the land because none of God’s word shall go unfulfilled

In the same vain, the man of God said he saw a prominent Nigerian President bidding farewell to the country, the oracle of God stated that the said president was wrapped in military regalia, but according to him only God himself can reverse this prophesy because God has the final says on all his decision. The man of God however implore Nigerians to pray for all his former and incumbent president for God protection over there life’s

Earlier in his sermon with tittle BEYOUND FASTING AND PRAYERS, the clergy explained why some Christians who attend church regularly with both fasting and prayers never see or experience the miracle of God, Dr okafor explained that until one come in term with the rule of engagement with the Altars OF God he or she might not enjoy God Blessings

Realm of the prophecy took another dimension, God meets people’s heart desire through his servant Dr Chris okafor, lots of worshippers gave there life to Christ while deliverance climax the prophetic service….

One of the leading and reliable real estate companies in Nigeria, BOD Properties celebrated Nigeria…


Not many of her peers would shoulder the responsibility of creating succour to the less privileged around them. They would rather invest their resources on frivolities and absurd materials that would never impact peoples life positively. Maryam Onikijipa Belgore, chooses to be different as her giant stride towards creating an egalitarian society, where equity, justice and fairness thrive seems to be actializing. Just like the proverbial rattle snake that saunter through the rocky path without it's presence recorded, Maryam has made an indelible mark, cresting her name in gold as history will forever be kind to her for contributing to humanitarian ideals. If Cheerful giving were to be a craft, maryam would have had a mastery of it. She does it effortlessly without blinking an eye.

During her formative years, she has always had this covenant with her creator on using her God given wealth to service humanity. She further promised that; she would invest in the education of many girl-child and empower them to reach their full potentials. She has since been living her dreams, fulfilling her heart desires. Not much people are blessed with such a benevolent heart Maryam is blessed with, she has showed the world that; you can be beautiful in and out and still be a kind person. 

Despite having an aristocratic and bourgeois background, born into the family of popular clergyman; Sheik Sulaiman Farooq Onikijipa, she was raised Inline with the tenents of Islam which gives strong references to 'Zakat' 'Giving'. Through her Maryam Onikijipa Belgore Foundation, she has done fantastically well. She has extended her hands of help to the downtrodden. She has visited several IDP camps in Nigeria, where she sponsored children educations, distributes sanitary towels to kids, distributes Food items, toiletries and other important materials for survival.

Apart from her philanthropic gestures, The graduate of Cresent Univerisity is an advocate against rape, child abuse, genital mutilation and sexual abuse. She has constantly lend her voice by galvanazing the private sector in the need to address illiteracy affecting children as they are all entitled to quality education and good life regardless of their background. Despite the recent surge in mental health related issues leading to depression, suicide, trauma and low self esteem, She has also assisted by raising funds through, mental health care and policy advocacy. The fund will be used to cater for anyone who needs mental health recovery either as a result of drug abuse or other mental health related issues.

Today the 3rd of October, the super pretty mother of three saunters into a new age on earth. At a time when the world is currently ravaged by a global pandemic, she spent million of Naira in distribution of palliative to people in Lagos, Abuja and Kwara. Like popular Nigerian Professor and writer and dramatist; Prof Femi Osofisan wrote in one of his masterpiece; 'Birthday are not for Dying'; which aptly captures that birthday are for the living. Being alive to witness such day is a clear indication that the creator still watches over his own people. Maryam sees birthdays as a day not only to celebrate by throwing big soiree and entertain friends but a time to reflect on the past and work on the future.

To further show her commitment to humanitarian related works, on Thursday the 1st of October, Maryam and her crew visited the Durumi IDP Camp in Abuja, where she donated food items, sanitary towels, cash. She also cut her birthday cake with displaced children who sang and merried with her. For her, celebrating her birthday in such a way was the best. The children she fed matters more as it gives her great joy to put smiles on their faces and share her birthday cake with them.

As she would have loved to throw a massive Shindig in celebration mood, most expecially her Cosmopolitan husband, Abdulsalam Belgore, would have treated her to an expensive birthday treat, that would never be forgotten in a hurry but Maryam chooses to keep it on a lowkey and also spend time praying to her creator to grant her many more years in good health and wealth. For those willing to visit her Abuja Home, Maryam will be displaying her culinary skills as she hosts her close friends, family to a special dinner. 

Those privileged to attend would be treated like Kings and Queen with grand opulence. Trust Maryam when it comes to hosting a shindig, you should expect the very best of continental and local dish laced with lavish supply of high cost Champagne, Cognac, Vodka, Rums, Whisky, Red and White wines. As she celebrates, we indeed wish her many more years with continuation of her philanthropic and humanitarian works.


The clergy with the prophetic mantle and Shepherd in charge of Champions Royal Assembly has dished out fresh Prophetic insight concerning Nigeria as she Celebrates her 60th independence anniversary.

Iginla reiterated the shortfalls that have bedeviled the country and reeled out the mind of God for this country .  

'In Nigeria today, we dont have fathers of the land. The efforts of our forefathers such as Nnamdi Azikwe, Tafa Balewa and Obafemi Awolowo have been thwarted. 

Their dogged passion for a one Nigeria has been taken away. We now have colonial masters despite our freedom.We celebrated our 60th independence but still living under mental slavery. 

Prices of food items have multiplied in the market. The poor man cant afford to buy rice again and it has become a hot cake. Lives of people are unbearable because people who are supposed to steer the ship of this country no longer have feelings for the masses. 

We have natural resources and one of the richest in Africa yet living in penury and begging for survival. We signed contracts with China that are very complicating and mentally distubing for the future of this country. Nigeria is a ciountry other countries are meant to loan from. In the midst of this pandemics , the electricity tariff has skyrocketed to a level you can think of.. 

The voice of the masses has been subdued. You cant even tell if the voice of the masses is truly fior the masses.  . We can no longer diffrentite human right fighters, actvicts and labour union from politicians. Everything has been adulterated and polluted.

That is niot to say the government of the day is not trying butr I feel it has gottenm to a point that if the masses are sufferuing, then the duty of the Government of  the day is questionable. Its time to see that Nigeria might be celebrating her independence but are we really free? We need to pray.

 Some will ask man of God whats your message for independemce? I see a new Nigeria in the hands of God. Nigeria is a country that cant be abandoned. I see leades that will stand up and steer the fortune of this country and turning it arpound to what it should be. I see the giant of Africa raising her head and walking gallantly among its competitors, rising up to become what it should be...I believe in this country and iwant you to believe there is hope fior Nigeria.  We will get there.  We  are work in progress.'

Gospel Artist Mairo Ese has released his sophomore album – Spirit and Life! This is…


Lagos State House of Assembly member representating Ikeja Constituency 2, Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu has written an emotion-laden message in commemoration of the 14th Rememberance anniversary of his late Mother, *Chief (Mrs) Abiodun Arafat Kasunmu*.

The mother of the vibrant and active lawmaker died on October 2nd, 2006 at the age of 51.

In a rememberance note posted on the lawmakers Facebook page and Instagram, Hon. Kaunmu  paid glowing tributes to his late mother and described her as the greatest mother that ever lived.

He also commended his matriarch for leaving a good name and great legacies which he promised to sustain.

Below is the full text of the note.

"Dear Mum, it was quite painful losing you at the time we did and since then, the pain of your exit has remained as fresh.

This is more so because you were a definition of many personalities rolled into one. 

You weren't just a mother of mothers;  Teacher of teachers, role model, uncomon mentor, exceptional counsellor, instructor, defender, voice for the voiceless, lifter of the downtrodden, fighter for the just cause and many more.

The vacuum your exit created had been so difficult to fill but we take solace in the affectionate memories of the good life you lived, the  sacrifices you made, the selflessnes you exhibited and the good names and deeds you left behind.

Dearest Mum, you remained the greatest mother that ever lived and the sweet memories of you will never be forgotten.

Your vision, your passion, your drive as well as your quest for a better and just society will forever remain my tenets, mantra and driving force.

This is why I pray and work daily for the Grace to sustain and build upon your great legacies.

It's been 14 long years after, yet it feels like yesterday and I miss you today more than ever.

The family and I remember you today and will always do till the end of time.

 May the Lord  continue  to grant you eternal peace, rest and comfort in HIS Bosom till we part no more.

Rest on,  _Maami Ayinke Ade, Arafat Omo Ologo. Iyeru Okin, Omo Olofa Mojo, Omo Gbonku Gbonku, Omo Gbonte Gbonte, Omo Ara o Wo’le Esu daanu, Omo Abi’su j’oruko, Ti Ja’kadi L’oro'fa....Omo Afi Gbogbo Ojo Dara bi Egbin....._

_Iya mi, Omo Elede, Ma fi’mi sile, E maa to mi sona lo. Oku Olomo ti kii sun.... Mo kan sa’ra si e ni ajule orun ti o ti n simi._

My Jewel,  I remember a song you used to sing to me: 

_“A la won omo mi o logbon lori, A la won Ebi mi t’aye se, A la ti mo bi o logbon pupo, E ba’n so fun Oluwa mi, Ko yan’da fun mi o, E ba n so fun’oluwa mi ko yan’da fun mi o”_

That _Olorun ti yan’da,_ I think I may be doing well so far, but I really want to do better and be the best son you can smile at from heaven and be fulfilled even in death. 

I miss you Mum, I miss you Abby Kas, I miss you my BEST FRIEND....... I love you now and always. 

Your grandchildren marvel at your beautiful imagery everyday in pictures and memories of you. You defied the statement that the writer, Ayi Kwei Armah once said that the beautiful ones are not yet born...... You were born beautiful , even though I was not there, you mirrored your beautiful soul into my life for the most of it that you were around and my kids will definitely tow the same part you taught me. Thank You for who I am today. YOU GAVE ME LIFE.

Abiola mi Owon, I appreciate all you did for me. it is well with your soul FOREVER!!!

Your only Son

*Adedamola Adetokunbo Idunnoluwa Temiwunmi Omowamiwa*

 (Your Adedams when you’re so happy with me)


#14YearsFresh ❤️

One of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions, Fidelity Bank Plc, has issued a notice of the…
Beth Shea Butter is an 100% organic skin care. In order to reduce our personal…
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…Celebrates 60th Independence With 60,000 Cupcakes Mosaic


…Sanwo-Olu: Lagos State Is A Land Of Creativity And Innovation


Lagos State on Thursday put Nigeria on the world record by celebrating the 60th Independence anniversary with 60,000 cupcakes to produce the largest anniversary logo in the world, made with cupcakes mosaic.


The initiative by Lagos State Government in conjunction with Fly Africa aimed to put Nigeria in the Guinness Book of World Record as holder of the world's largest anniversary logo made with cupcakes mosaic in the world. 


Speaking at the historic event, held at Teslim Balogun, Surulere, Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, said the State through the laying of the largest cupcakes mosaic, has sent a message to the world that Lagos is a land of creativity and innovations.


Governor Sanwo-Olu, who was represented by the wife of the State Deputy Governor, Mrs. Oluremi Hamzat at the event monitored by the officials of the Guinness World Records, disclosed that the last largest cupcakes in the world was a 30,400 cupcakes made in Singapore in 2015.


The Governor in his address also commended all the founding fathers of Nigeria, independence icons and those who have worked tirelessly to ensure that Nigeria remains a united nation. 


"I am sure that with this largest cupcakes mosaic today, we have sent a message to the world that Lagos State is a land of creativity and innovations. It is my belief that Lagos State and indeed Nigeria would continue to strive and record greater achievements.


"I call on everyone here today to join hands with our administration to build a Lagos that we would all be proud of." the governor said. 


The Lagos State Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Phar. Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf, said putting Nigeria in the Guinness World Record as holder of the world's largest anniversary logo made with cupcakes mosaic, is very unique to Lagos being the trail brazier in every lofty initiative. 


She said Lagos State Government through the event is once again putting itself before the international community, especially tourists across the world to see what the State can offer in terms of breaking new grounds and in creativity.


She said: "The relevance of Lagos State in Nigeria cannot be undermined as the State has been channeling its efforts into activities that have strengthened the nation economically, culturally, and socially. Our great State has no doubt been serving as the melting pot for Nigeria tradition and culture. 


"The coming together of Fly Africa and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture for this event which is one of its kinds in the history of this nation underscores Lagos' rich attractions that have earned the Nation a global voice and respect, across the continent. 


"It is also commendable that we are equally using this event to eye World Guinness Record through the laying of the Largest Cupcake Mosaic in different colors, being the first ever in the world. 


"I appreciate the almost 150 volunteers who came together to make this Largest Cupcakes Mosaic possible as well as the various partners for this event."


Akinbile-Yusuf also disclosed that the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture, has used the period of the lockdown in the tourism and entertainment industry to rethink a workable direction for the post-covid era, adding that going forward, efforts will be channeled towards the development of the State local tourism sites and the promotion of local creativity.


"Rather than enriching the economy of other countries through international tours, we want to change the narrative by making our State a more beautiful city to behold where international tourists can visit and invest their resources," she said. 


Commenting on the laudable achievements, the Managing Director of Outori Limited and lead Aviator of Fly Africa, Mr. Wole Olagundoye, said the record breaking event would inspire Nigerians and Africans to rise above the odds and strive for positive actions towards achieving great and transformational feats. 


"Only Africans can make Africa succeed, our own destiny is not in the hand of other nations but right in ours and we must seize this moment to make the necessary changes," he said. 


Also joining Governor Sanwo-Olu in laying the largest Cupcakes Mosaic, which received wide jubilation immediately the sixty thousandth cupcake was laid, are members of the State Executive Council.