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Make your small kitchen look bigger

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A small kitchen can soon look crowded and difficult to use. However, you can take steps to remodel your kitchen to maximize use of available space and also make it look larger. Increasing storage space by looking for it vertically and visually expanding the kitchen by changing the color schemes used will make your kitchen appear larger and more inviting. There are many ways in which you can enlarge the appearance of your kitchen. Pick those that suit you the best to ensure that you enjoy cooking up great feasts in your kitchen.

 .Let There Be Light

The best way to make a kitchen appear larger is to allow in more light. Consult a construction contractor to see if the kitchen window can be enlarged either widthwise or height wise. If the kitchen window is brought down to the level of the sink, it will provide a sense of spaciousness to the kitchen. However, care has to be taken that load bearing walls are not damaged when trying to enlarge the window. Additionally, you can add artificial light to make your kitchen look larger. Under the shelves lighting will make it easier for you to work on the countertops and add to the ambience of the kitchen as well.

.Figure Out the Floors

When remodeling your kitchen pay attention to the floors. You can enhance the space by using wide horizontal stripes, large diagonal stripes, or a neutral colored floor to open it up. The horizontal stripes have the same visual effect that such clothes have on a person. They will make your kitchen appear larger. Light colored floors can also help make the kitchen appear more spacious especially when the floor is only a shade lighter or darker than the walls and cabinets.

Importance of the Color Palette

The importance of the color palette in making a kitchen look larger cannot be stressed enough. You can make your kitchen look larger by ensuring that the floor, walls, window shade, and cabinets are all the same pastel color. This will ensure that your kitchen looks more open and less crowded.


.Keep it Glassy

Another way of providing a feeling of spaciousness to your kitchen is to use glass wherever possible. The cabinet doors can have glass. You can also install a few floating glass shelves to display your colorful china or keep your spice jars. If you are planning on a small breakfast table in the kitchen, consider using a glass topped one to make the kitchen appear larger.

Build Up

In order to make the kitchen appear larger, you need to include plenty of vertical storage space. This will keep clutter off the counters without adding to the bulk in the kitchen. Replace cabinets with taller ones that reach the ceiling. You can store seldom used appliances and dishes on the top shelves. You can also replace a knife block with a wall mounted magnetic knife holder and use a pot rack to hang up pots and pans. Small pegs can be used to hang mugs and free up additional counter space.

Not only will these methods do the trick they will make it easier for you to find your kitchen tools and pans. This will save you time and frustration. It will also make your kitchen just look better – being more organized and so forth, and actually save you cabinet and counter space.

.Pick a Great Backsplash

A backsplash is necessary behind the stove top to make cleaning easy. You can make the kitchen appear larger by choosing a stainless steel, glass, or light colored backsplash that reflects light to enhance a feeling of openness in your kitchen. A backsplash that reflects light will make the kitchen brighter as well, further enhancing its spacious feel.

Carve in Storage

You can increase shelf space in the kitchen by building into the wall between studs. This carved in space will not increase the footage of the kitchen but can add visual depth to the room. You can enhance this by painting the carved in space a deeper shade of the wall to add an element of depth to your décor.

.Keep it Clean

A clean and clutter free kitchen will also make it appear larger than it actually is. Make use of all available storage space to ensure that the countertops are clutter free. Use space saving storage solutions such as lazy-Susans to enhance available storage space. Just as you de-clutter other areas of your home, you should also de-clutter your kitchen. Simply get rid of blunt knives, broken toasters, and chipped china to make your kitchen feel light and airy. Additionally, ensure that your kitchen counters, backsplash, cabinets, and stove are all clean. Kitchens can soon become grimy because of the heat, humidity, and grease – but regular cleaning will ensure that they remain sparkling for years.

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