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The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has said that his administration’s growth strategy designed to deliver institutional reform and economic revolution, rests squarely on the Rule of Law.

Obaseki stated this when he received the executive members of the National Industrial Court led by the President, Hon. Justice Babatunde Adejumo, who paid a courtesy visit to the Government House, Benin City, yesterday.

The governor told his guests that it was impossible to have real democracy or industrial/economic growth without the Rule of Law and hinted that apart from working to becoming an economic hub of the nation, his administration was committed to becoming a judicial hub also.

“As part of our strategy to make this state a judicial hub, it is in our interest to have the full complement of the judiciary structure in Edo State” Obaseki said, and explained that to attract investment and investors into the state, there must be peace and harmony.

“The Rule of Law is core to our strategy. We want to be a major economy in the country and we must do all within our power to attract investments and investors to the state, grow the economy and make it a major hub. We must make the state attractive both in financial and social terms, ensure the court system works and give a general sense that things work and are orderly in the state,” he said.

Earlier, the President of the court, Hon. Justice Babatunde Adejumo said the struggle to establish an industrial court in the state was nine years old and commended the Godwin Obaseki-led administration for seeing the wisdom in establishing the court in the state.

Adejumo said the court was in 28 states of the country and was ready to partner with the state and requested for a building that will house the court in the state.

“As soon as the state government gives us a building for the court and residence, we will hit the ground running to make our presence felt in the state”. He said.

“Our aim is to ensure harmonious industrial relations between the government and the employees. If the work place is not peaceful, the governor will not be able to perform. What determines the success of a state is the harmonious and peaceful industrial relations with the employees” he added.


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Thursday, 26 July 2012 09:03

On trail of dangerous rebel mission

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THE maiden edition of the triumphant leadership awards is set to recognized some distinguished legend both late and alive in what its refer to as celebrating and commemorating the late and alive triumphant leaders and heroes of its motherland in ipokia local government for their various impacts to the community and their exemplary performance to the developments of the land.(IPOKIA COMMUNITY OF OGUN STATE)the programme which was put together by the wings of the maingate royal ambassador forum will celebrate distinguishes sons and daughter of ipokia local government of ogun state. According to the organizers the program is also aimed at creating a platform where by all the leaders, prominent sons and daughter, independent organization come together to deliberate on how to move the community forward and also to formulate ideas to bring government present more to the community. Although the forum is not political but will witness interactive session, educative and enlightenment talk and award presentations. The event comes up on Sunday,9th august 2015 at the popular Mercyland Event Hall, Idiroko, Ipokia local government of ogun state by 12noon.among who will be Honors includes Asiwaju Titus Babajide aka Oppressor, Hon.A,Akinlade, Hon.Isiaka Aderoumu, Overseer E.A Taiwo, Chief Mrs Morufat Arojo, Socopao among other eminent personalities






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Thursday, 26 July 2012 06:27

Al - Makura: From America with humility

The British Airline landed exactly 5:13am and few minutes later, Governor Umaru Tanko Al - makura came out from the arrival terminal cheerful and happy as he exchanged pleasantries with his aides who came to receive him.

The aides waited for over 2 hours because the plane was earlier expected around 4 am but because of the 30 minutes delay, it arrived the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja exactly5.13am.

Al-makura was later escorted to the waiting car outside the terminal and driven home where he had a shower to freshen up before going straight to the NTA studios for a Good Morning Nigeria programme.

While doing this, he never knew that those who welcomed him at the airport had spent over two hours waiting, until after he returned home from the NTA studio’s around in the morning.

On knowing that, his mood changed and became pitiful; he was visibly worried that he kept them for more than necessary, and the cheerful look in his face disappeared and became gloomy worried and sympathetic for keeping them in the open cold waiting.  The next words that came from him were: “sorry, I never envisaged that the flight will be late, next time I will rather board a taxi than to keep you for hours.”


This is an aspect of him that has really  endeared him in the heart of men and placed him above his colleagues, and in doing so, he  prioritized  the welfare of his aides and the entire people of the state high and  above his personal interest.

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…As Commission Pledges To Support State Govt’s Bid

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, on Friday sought a no objection letter from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) for the State Government's Embedded Power Programme.

Governor Ambode, who led some members of the State Executive Council, lawmakers and other critical stakeholders to a meeting at the NERC’s headquarters in Abuja, said the embedded power project was designed as his administration’s flagship programme for direct intervention in the power value chain towards achieving a 24-hour power for Lagos.

He said the proposed power programme would generate up to 3,000MW of power through accelerated deployment of various power plants in strategic locations across the State by private sector power providers within three to six years.

He noted that Nigerians' aspiration to create a secured and prosperous nation that is globally competitive will be difficult to achieve without stable power supply.

Governor Ambode posited that while efforts are ongoing to resolve the power crisis, it had become increasingly clear that the problems in the energy sector could no longer be left to the Federal Government alone to solve.

"Embedded power was designed as our flagship programme for direct intervention in the power value chain towards achieving a 24-hour power for Lagos. Lagos State has always demonstrated its capacity and willingness to play a leading role in resolving the power sector challenges in the state, subject to the limit of the federal authority allowed regulations.

"Having succeeded in powering government facilities, the next level of intervention for our government is to collaborate with other stakeholders in the power sector to design and implement a roadmap for uninterrupted power supply to homes and businesses in Lagos State.

"The draft of the Lagos State Embedded Power Bill was finalised in May 2017 and submitted to the National Electricity Regulatory Commission for clearance before same can be forwarded to the State House of Assembly.

"The stakeholders meeting holding today is a continuation of the ongoing engagement between NERC and the Lagos State Government on the Lagos State Embedded Power Programme.

"We are convinced that the offer by our government to deploy the state's balance sheet in support of power generation, transmission, distribution, gas supply, metering, collection and enforcement in Lagos State will significantly relieve the national grid and free more energy for distribution to other parts of Nigeria.

"The proposed power programme will generate up to 3,000MW of power through accelerated deployment of various power plants in strategic locations across the state by private sector power providers within three to six years."

He said the State Government would issue guarantees in support of the Power Purchase Agreements that will be signed between the distribution companies and the private sector embedded power providers to enhance bankability of the projects.

He added that the power generated under the programme will be distributed through the networks of Eko and Ikeja Distribution Companies while the state would support the distribution companies in upgrading their distribution infrastructure for embedded power areas in line with NERC guidelines.

"The State Government will support the distribution companies in installation of smart prepaid meters in the areas where embedded power is deployed. We will institute a cost-reflective tariff regime that is fair to all stakeholders, sustainable and capable of attracting private capital to the sector on a continuous basis.

"Other areas of collaboration include support for revenue collection, legislation and establishment of an agency for enforcement of power theft laws in Lagos.

"Our prayer today is to seek the commission's no objection letter for the Lagos State Embedded Power Programme, based on cost reflective tariff regime that is fair to all parties and capable of unlocking private sector investments into the power sector on a sustainable basis,” the Governor said.

Responding, the NERC's Commissioner in charge of Legal License and Compliance, Dafe Akpeneye, who stood in for the Commission's Vice Chairman, promised that the NERC would work with the Lagos State Government to ensure the success of the programme.

"Within the ambit of the law and existing regulations, you have our unflinching support in this project.

"So in response to what you said in your prayers to us, Your Excellency, I reaffirm the support of NERC towards this project. Our commitment is to create a viable electricity industry that works for Nigeria and Nigerians.

"As the laws and regulations permit us, we will work with you on this project to ensure that it does see the light of the day," Akpaneye promised.

Akpeneye however called the Governor's attention to some safety issues that concern the state.

He spoke about the right of way, standards and designs, electricity theft as well as customers' enumeration.

He noted that a situation where the Commission's record indicates that there are only 1.2million registered electricity customers in Lagos State is not tidy enough when almost all the houses in the state are connected to national grid.

Representatives of both Eko and Ikeja Distribution Companies at the meeting declared their support for the project, saying that it would be detrimental to the progress of Nigeria if they opposed it.


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In every sector of the economy today, everyone is being affected by the much-announced economic recession which is really biting hard on a lot of establishments, companies, organizations, individuals, and the country as a whole. It has become  difficult to survive in this economic hardship. Due to this, commodities, products have been very unaffordable to patronize as prices have gone up, quality has reduced, landlords are increasing their rents, many are being render homeless.
   However, In the real estate sector, every Nigerian would agree  that One of the Giants  in the sector, Adron Homes and Properties has been up and doing in the act of Providing for the homeless, with various promotional packages , that are offered often, with the main target of Making sure even the homeless  becomes a landlord, without having to break the bank.
 One of the Company's Promo that has gotten the attention of many is the Lemon Friday which started Last year, with Massive acceptance. 
    Adron Lemon Friday is all about a special to give back to  the society, a period to appreciate customers who have been loyal and a form of attraction to the new ones. During the first phase which occurred between September 2015 till December  2015, the housing expert gave 20% off all landed properties, homes, 1 Million bags of rice, hampers which were distributed to customers with a raffle draw.
     However, due to the magnanimous culture of the company, the 2016 version of Adron Lemon Friday  Has started on October 1st and Runs till December. 
    Speaking with Journalist at the Omole Office of the company, The management revealed that this version promises to be a much better one compared to the first one as it has a lot of benefits than the first one. Among the benefits include 15% Off all landed properties in AbujaLekki,ShimawaAtan and Ikorodu and every subscriber that will be paying a minimum of N200,000 and spread balance within 12 months will get a Bag of rice, Live Turkey, Luxury gift hampers.
     Also, everyone that will be buying a home with 50% down payment in any of the company’s product estates will be qualified to get a free family trip to Dubai.
  In addition to this, a Party like never before will be taking place in Abuja on December 16, 2016 where tickets to Dubai will be distributed to eligible customers and simultaneously, there will also be a party in Lagos to celebrate loyal subscribers throughout the year.
Furthermore, the management revealed that the main idea behind the Adron Lemon Friday is to make the hopeless, poor, less privileged and all Nigerians to be a proud home owner.
   It will be recalled that Adron Homes and Properties is known for showing its generosity to Nigerians especially during festive periods. During the Children’s day, a special event was organized for Children across the country and likewise during the Muslim Eid-el-Filt’r celebration, a special offer attached with a Live ram was distributed to eligible customers. 

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