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Sunday, 27 January 2019 00:00


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- I terrorize the kingdom of darkness and all its agents


`A Clergy and the Senior Pastor of Greater Liberation City worldwide, Dr Chris Okafor has declared that he is a Prophetic Terrorist, he said he specialized in terrorizing the kingdom of darkness and all it agent, thereby depopulating the kingdom of darkness and setting all the lawful captives free, the Generational Prophet of God as he is fondly called said, in as much as the devil is using some set of people to terrorized the country, he is using the prophetic power and wisdom of the Holy Ghost to terrorized all the terrorist sponsor by the devil in the world.


Speaking at the Sunday glorious service of the church on 27th January 2019 at the international headquarters Greater Liberation city in ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, the Apostle of Altars Dr Chris okafor said, the devil is too small to continue to use some set of people in the country to cause mayhem, he said as a prophetic terrorist, God is ready to use him to pull the strong hold of the terrorist in the country down because this years is a year of unusual harvest of God blessing upon all his children


In his sermon with theme, ‘’The Law On First Fruits’ ‘explained the importance of giving first fruit offerings to the lord said for any good Christians to dominant all the rest of the month in a year such person must understand the law of first fruits offering, the oracle of God, emphasized that until you know the important of first fruit and its law, it might be difficult to dominate the rest of a month in a year, the Generational Prophet of God said paying first fruit offering is not a choice but a mandatory from God, he stressed that we are not helping God by paying first fruits offering but helping ourselves to dominate at all side of life


The realm of the prophetic witnessed different dimension at the glorious service, the Generational Prophet of God, Dr Chris okafor with God directive open so many case file, he travel to so many villages to set free the lawful captive, delivering people from the hand of the strong man in their villages.


About 20 families dedicates there miracle babies at the service while some barren woman too received there miracle babies, a woman who was placed on marriage barrier from the strong man in her family was delivered to go and get married. Another woman with blood line diseases was also set free, all this to the glory of God.


The season of supernatural conference by COWOM continue this month in Benin city, this is a great opportunities for people who want deliverance and miracle experience at that axis to make a date with the Generational Prophet of God, and as you come your life will never remain the same, the Apostle of Altars concluded


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