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Sunday, 12 May 2019 00:00

Grace Nation is beyond a Church but a Prophetic Movement of God where everything is Available – Dr Chris okafor

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- Night of Exodus Part 2 holds on 31st May 2019

A church is a place of worships, where children of God gather with one voice to seek the face of God, but nowadays the church has really turned into another things, even some churches has been politicized to be a place where political issues are determined and concluded towards a certain programs, but the truth is, the true church of the lord still lives, churches where God speaks and it comes to pass, with testimonies

Over fifteen years ago a church was established/created by Jehovah himself through his servant Dr Chris okafor and today the church has now metamorphosed beyond the conventional church but a movement of the Holy Ghost which produces miracle signs and wonders, the church is Grace Nation aka Greater Liberation city, a city of liberty and solutions, Grace nation is not an ordinary church but a movement ordained by God to save mankind and deliver all satanic captives setting them free forever, the Senior Pastor Grace Nation aka Greater Liberation City worldwide Dr Chris okafor remarked

In his words while preaching the gospel at the Sunday glorious service at the international headquarters of Grace Nation in ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria on the 12th May 2019, with topic, Blessing and the enforcer (part 10) the Generational prophetic of God Dr Chris Okafor emphasized that blessing cannot just come accept one works towards it, he said blessing which comes as a result of obtaining mercy through the power above can be experience if certain laws and regulations are satisfied, blessing comes in different forms ,there are small blessing and there are bigger blessing depending on the way you satisfy the requirement  needed for the blessing  to come, it comes with the principle of life, when you sow small you reap small but when you sow big you receives or reap big.

It was a different ball game, while the prophetic General Dr Chris okafor, enter the realms of the prophetic, the strategy and tricks of the evil strongman in family were terminated, the Generational Prophet of God visited villages and altars were they worships irons, witchcraft coven, marine kingdom, setting them on fire and terminate different agreement made by the forefathers of some family, lots of altars manifested and lots were delivered and set free all to the glory of God

The Monthly Night of Prophesy, Deliverance and Solution for the Month of May will come up on 31st May 2019 at the international Head quarters of Grace Nation worldwide, in ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria at 7pm till we all breakthrough the theme is My Night of Exodus in Egypt, if you want divine encounter by God or you are heavily loaded come the God of Dr Chris okafor is sufficient to set you free because you can never go back home from the conference the same way you come, concluded Dr Chris Okafor

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