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Popular comedian Francis Agoda a.k.a I Go dye is alleged to have been involved in a talent hunt scam. It is so sad that Delta state entertainment loving Governor, His Excellency Ifeanyi Okowa sponsored Delta Talent and Brain Ambassador themed  Project Sort organised by Francis Agoda Path Of Honour  FAPOH. Is an initiative of  Francis Agoda, popularly known as I Go Dye, a self acclaimed social crusader, writer, public analyst, comedian of international repute, a seasoned advocate of social justice; a peace ambassador that has inspired and motivated the creative endowments in the youths, whose brand I Go Dye is acknowledged to be one of the most impactful structures that have revolutionized the present day comedy industry in Nigeria.

With the comedian achievements in the industry,the Governor backed the project with huge funds and some few Indigenes of Delta state also supported with their resources because they felt the initiative was designed to create social support, advance youths resourcefulness, civic responsibility, promote peace, acknowledge leadership qualities, promote artistic works and curb youths’ restiveness.

Despite the huge resources none of the finalists has been able to have a breakthrough  in the entertainment industry and after the competition there was no proper follow up by I Go Dye and his team to actualise the Governors dream. 

In a recent post on instagram by I Go Dye ex publicist, he blew the burble when he posted a voice call of the winner of the maiden edition of the talent hunt which was held on March 7th at the prestigious Grand Hotel, Asaba. The winner, Ezeh Godstime, who coincidentally won the Asaba audition of the competition walked home with the sum of 2 million naira and a brand new 2019 Hyundai Accent sedan. 

The upcoming comedian with the stage name Fresh mouth revealed that ever since he won the competition he was abandoned by I Go Dye and he didn’t get the first payment until after a month, he further revealed that I Go Dye team told him he will be placed on monthly salary of #100,000 a month which he agreed to. I Go Dye only paid him twice. He last received payment in June 2019 and ever since then he was not paid a dime. 

The Hyundai car that he won was involved in an accident in Warri and the car was abandoned in the mechanic workshop for eight months because he couldn’t afford the amount  required in fixing it. But when it was time to go and share palliatives on behalf of A Dubai based big boy foundation I Go Dye sent him #200,000 to fixed the car. He revealed a lot in the phone conversation with the ex publicist.

From the conversation obtained by us which was recorded on September 9, 2020 Fresh Mouth total money accrued to him is supposed to be three million naira, the 500,000 he won in Asaba, the 2,000,000 grand finale prize and the 500,000 one reputable Honourable added to the grand prize. He also added some money to the runners up, we couldn’t confirm if the other runners up were credited by Seaside Entertainment owned by I Go dye.

 Ezeh Godstime is still been owed 1,800,000 by I Go Dye a year and six months after the conclusion of the event. All along it was kept a top secret but all hell was let lose when Ezeh Godstime sent I Go Dye’s ex publicist a WhatsApp message on October 1st, 2020 at about 2:15pm it reads “ I’m ok sir, I have gone to Zone 5 to make proper enquirings about the issue that happens between you and my boss and I have even called Level 9 in Asaba and I have heard the whole truth. It’s a fraud case and you were found guilty”. When the ex publicist tried to tell him that he was ungrateful and that is the reason people haven’t helped him. God further lambasted him by saying “If you have anyone that would have help you wouldn’t have been in prison for 6 months. You’re fraudster and you’re will pay dearly for it.

Biletiri we gathered made a post on Instagram concerning the defamatory statement from Godstime he was attacked with so much false allegations about how he was arrested at Port Harcourt airport with the claim that he was arrested by the police why fleeing the country after defrauding people two weeks after he was contacted to do a show. 

We reached out to Biletiri who is a Journalist cum show promoter. “I was never arrested while fleeing the country, i was set up by I Go Dye and if you care to know i can give you the DPO number. The post i made about I Go Dye on September 18, was deleted by the police from my Instagram page and a port Harcourt based comedian Akasbaba came to the station on the 19 and said I Go dye said i should delete it and i refused. My things were not kept at the counter, the ipos took it to thier various houses and alot of my special belongings were missing like my hard drive, perfumes, my gather gratuity and pension file, landed property documents and alot and they even seized another landed document that was brought to perfect my bail at the station, i was asked to sign document to forfeit the property and i refused. Alot of videos and pictures were deleted from my phone. I Go Dye wanted to ruin my life and career because he knows am a hustler, i have invested in various business which has failed and flourish where as I Go Dye can’t even boast of having a store not to talk of a single investment,  forget all the hype, I was the one running the show for him. I have gone to Sahara reporters, Hiptv and other media houses to reveal how he set me up but he has refused to speak and even answered the media houses calls, i will give you his two MTN line so you can call but i bet you he wont pick. Someone that petition me to the police that i sent Assassins to kill him and defrauded people 36million naira with his name and he  later returned the 2.5 million he was paid after weeks when he saw that he was to be charged to court.  I have too many evidences against him. Because he knew i had a business that crashed he tried to use it against me".

From our conversation with him he declined to speak about the court case which Ezeh Godstime revealed. Our findings revealed that Biletiri framed up because of vehicle supply contract he got in an oil rich state. Our investigations revealed that the young entrepreneur was arrested three months before the show he was organising in Asaba, warri, Port Harcourt,  Abuja and Benin. We further gathered that he spent 85 days in police custody before he was arraigned in court just to truncate his efforts in organising the show.

The young Nigerian spent 8 days in police custody before they took a court order that was supposed to be for 14 days but the one obtained by the police date was not stipulated and neither was the court order renewed. The lawyers that came for him filed a fundamental suit at Edo state high court  but at the later stage Biletiri asked them he doesn’t want fo fight police because he has benefited from good policing according to one of his lawyers and they stopped appearing in court but it can actually be re-enlisted if he want. The fundamental suit filed and the court order was made available to us.

Also in another shocking revelation, we also gathered from reliable source that I Go Dye is in the habit of collecting money for two events and at the end of day he will disappoint the other show organiser. He has even done it to fellow comedians like Akpororo, Ajebo.

In 2016, a London based promoter Akinlolu Jekins had a deal with I Go Dye and they both partnered to his I Go Dye last Man standing in London  but after the show the comedian tried to tarnished the image of the promoter. In 2018, they both entered into another agreement to organise a UK tour after making some payment to the comedian he refused to reneged on the agreement despite heavy investment on publicity, logistics by the promoter. He has failed to remit money back to the promoter, he claimed that is the money he was owed from previous shows. Little wonder despite his talent, he has not been able to host his own comedy show even if it is a beer parlour show. While his colleagues are busy with innovative ideas and shows, the comedian is busy constituting nuisance by disturbing Benin and environs with siren and also involving in land issues in Obazagbo community. 

All attempt to reached the comedian proved abortive before going to press.

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