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Wednesday, 14 April 2021 00:00

Faleke And The Politics Of Acrimony By TOMISIN ADEOYE

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“Leadership is the ability to drive men to a common purpose and the demonstration of character that inspires confidence” –  Gen Montgomery.



The position of leadership certainly is not an all comers affair; it is one that should be entrusted and vested in competent and purpose driven people. The recent activities in Ojodu politics leaves a sour taste in the bud. The support enjoyed by Hon. James Abiodun Faleke during his various electioneering campaign by the Ojodu APC overtime, has been enormous but the benefits of his representation to the Ojodu people has been non-existent. His divisive politics foisted on the Ojodu APC has anti-climaxed and about to really hurt the party’s chances at the forthcoming LG polls if something is not urgently done.


The party almost lost at the 2019 General election due to Hon. Faleke’s politics of divisiveness and acrimony. He has always elevated his “Team Faleke” group above every other as though he got all his electoral votes from these selected few.  This kind of divisive tendencies debars harmony and concerted effort at achieving collective successes.


The much desired dividends of democracy expected from a Federal representative of this noble Constituency are at its best a charade under Faleke. It’s an open secret that most of the mini-buses that were given out by Hon Faleke had been withdrawn from the beneficiaries under one guise or the other. It’s also on record that few others distributed during the last General election were abandoned vehicles appropriated to him as House Committee Chairman on Customs and have all gone comatose with all manner of tales of woes from the recipients.


Riding on the claim that he, Faleke has acquired a N120m worth of property in Abuja as the Campaign Headquarters for our respected leader, Asiwaju, he had alluded that would be key to installing his “girlfriend” as the Chairperson of Ojodu LCDA, so as to guarantee his return ticket to the House of Representatives. He has also boasted of his ability to muster a financial war-chest of N1b by reason of his position as the House Finance Committee Chairman to buy everyone in his bid to install the next Council boss. The increasing untoward activities of Hon Faleke is fast becoming a cancer to Ojodu/Ikeja politics and something has to be done urgently to nip it in the bud before it is too late.


Giving force to political thuggery and divisive politics, his stock-in-trade by creating Kogi Youth Association in Ikeja is audacious. Lagos has been magnanimous to Hon Faleke, all the deceit, treachery, lies, divisive and acrimonious political tendencies must stop. These shenanigans are already creating growing concerns and tension among the youths to the extent that some groups within the fold have already been calling for a political extradition of Hon Faleke back to Kogi State. They all seem to be asking the question “How much of these can we take any further?” They have also opined that for a man with a questionable academic record to be perpetrating all these evil is really sad.


“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” is the loud new song. The Ojodu APC is calling on all stakeholders to deal with this once and for all, for a stitch in time saves nine.


– Tomisin Adeoye writes from Ojodu, Lagos.

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