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Friday, 16 April 2021 00:00

Edo: Ogida/Use drums support for Prince Edigin as councilor ward 3

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The people of Ogida/Use community, yesterday, called on the inhabitants of the area to put their political difference aside and elect Mr. Prince Uwadia Edigin as councilor representing Ogida/Use ward 3 in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.


Spokesman for the people of the community, Mr....  said the people of Egor Local Government, particularly Ogida/Use Ward 03

Have been clamouring for good leadership over the years, but what they got in return has been a ruler instead of a leader and that he thinks that it is high time they chose someone who knows and feels the pains of the people.


He asked that how can a local government that houses the rich cultural heritage of the ancient Kingdom, so many intellectual and competent hands, says it can't pay its workers salaries as when due? Or is it that they are operating free of charge in the local government?


... said often times the people have been ruled by alien's who do not understand the suffering and yearnings of the people and the locality they governed, adding that the time has come for them to change the narrative by electing Mr. Edigin as their councilor.


"The way and manner Egor Local Government is blessed by God Almighty, no sons and daughters of the local government should go hungry to bed or become refugees on their Father's land. 


"But because we have rulers who only know about themselves and family, our common wealth have been plugged into their private pocket making our people to suffer untold hardship.


"I urge everyone to put their political differences aside and help choose Prince Godwin Uwadia Edigin for councilor, in order to move our dear Ward 03 and local government to the next level", he said.

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