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From Time immemorial in Academics, things changes according to time and circumstances and can never be static because life itself is dynamic.


Culled from an interview segment conducted on channels TV some years back, it became a hot debate amongst resource persons on the reasons to take a stand and called a spade a spade by not embarrassing Nigeria's Tertiary Educational system.


Looking at what is obtainable in Courses some ten years ago, it's a proven fact it can't be the same today. A BSc holder in Economics can lecture in accounting, but today, they've all been separated and made extensive which now produce, marketing, Business Administration, Business Mathematics, accounting and so on, standing as an entity.


In Journalism, those days Mass Communication was the mother of courses but about four years ago, it was broken down to different professional fields such as Media, Reporting, Photography, Communications, Public Relations, TV Productions etc. So what obtained then has changed to meet up with current University Academic standard  world wide.


Academic Promotion is another area that has changed tremendously in virtually all highly rated and qualified universities world wide with Nigeria not been an exception. In those days, the likes of the renowned Nobel Laurette Professor Wole Soyinka became a Professor without a PhD. Some around that are possess only a BSc 


Another example was the highly respected, Professor Richard A. Anao of accounting,  University of Benin who did not also have a PhD but a fellowship of ICAN and ACCA before becoming a Professor, he founded Department of Accounting in University of Benin and also became the Vice Chancellor of the University. The same benevolence was accorded  other professional courses like Medicine etc who were allows to become a professors without acquisition of a PhD but fellowship of their professional bodies.


During the glorious days of Professor Anao with ICAN or ACA, 

In the 70s academics with professional qualifications can be given the position of a Senior Lecturer in form of enticement because most profesionals will not be willing to come to academics 


In the 90s at University of ife (now Obafemi Awolowo university ) some  academics started with  LECTURER 1 (L1) and so on 

In early 2000s , many professional academics were employed as  LECTURER 2 (L2), with BSc, MSc, and a professional qualification  this occurred in accounting insurance and so on. Some even got it better in some private university that gave them LI and some even SL they will start with as L2. This are according to the nomenclature and tide of the time. I the medical profession also benefited from this luxury. At the time. 


It was not until recent past that the NUC( National University  Commission) mandated acquisition of a PhD  as the basic certificate for academic progression to full chair or Professor 


With this in mind University of Ife stood their ground that without PhD one can not be made a professor and no professor without PhD can be a vice chancellor irrespective of acquition of any professional qualifications from any field whatsoever.The present Vice Chancellor of University of Ife had to go back and obtained his PhD after being made a Professor for several years. 



The University of Nigeria Nsukka also had its own fair share in battling with the issue of Academic Promotion and Hierarchy but resolved and also stood the ground on the NUC dictate


Its pertinent to state here that NUC and Nigerian University System in a matter of urgency need to resolve and put a lasting solution to the issue by taking a stand to avoid double standard because the educational system is dynamic, professional and is centre of growth and national pride.

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