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Prince Emeka Ojukwu Prince Emeka Ojukwu











I am Prince Emeka Ojukwu, the PRINCE OF PEACE, a leader with a proven track record of creating peaceful and amicable arrangements to remove conflict before and during a crisis. A true and lasting peace must have as its foundation, freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is one of the most important elements that I discuss when I meet with leaders of the world and their constituents. I am raising the bar worldwide by aggressively discussing with world leaders my personal efforts to feed the hungry and ask them to help in this endeavor. It is up to us to keep the people of the world healthy by maintaining a proper diet of fresh food and water, for our children, for us and all life on earth. Areas of the world that are afflicted with aggression and are preventing people from securing the supplements to survive, must cease and desist and immediately turn your resources into commodities to nourish those held captive. Combatants using starvation as a war weapon must cease and desist. Immediately, we must restore the health of those incarcerated due to a foreign combatant. Healing must be done to those held captive to remove the harshest realities of hatred, pain, death, torture, sexual deviation, slavery.


I am mentally hurt because of the betrayal of the home country that abandons their citizens, because there is a cost to help them in troubled times. This is my calling, I am THE PEACEMAKER, I can stop conflict from happening. I can provide a peaceful resolution. Even with the conflicts happening now, I am a phone call away from stopping a war, preventing a nuclear war or helping in other ways where I am needed. Do you feel the pain of others in pain? This is the pain I feel. I am driven by the forces of people that are unable to help themselves. Why is it, that the nature of others is promoting conditions that will make innocent people unable to survive?


Leaders I speak with are hopeless to do anything to help another country for fear of being caught up in that conflict. Privately speaking to me, government leaders are horrified of an army from their neighbor will come over the border, they are in fear of having themselves in a combat situation and then I said, "what would you do if a combative neighbor came over your border?"


I am Prince Emeka Ojukwu, Proclaimed, PRINCE OF PEACE by my peers and I am making an International Plea for GLOBAL PEACE. I STAND ALONGSIDE MANY OUTER PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD WANTING TO LIVE FREE FROM HARM AND HAVE PEACE ON EARTH. Many women and men throughout history have come before me with the goal of World Peace and I have their efforts to guide me in my quest to follow what they have done.


The Peace Ambassadors I am working with are from all over the world, please become one by Promoting Peace and giving yourself the title as PEACE AMBASSADOR. The Peace Ambassadors are making efforts that seek peace through cooperation in the areas they live, with their friends and family, solving personal conflicts to keep them from escalating into a violent confrontation. The peace initiative that I am working on is to resolve the conflicts of neighbor against neighbor, border disagreements, conflicts regarding Religious beliefs. I am a PEACEMAKER, brokering deals, safeguarding the interests of both sides to a fair resolution of compromise.


I created the Nigerian Reggae Festival in 2015, as an International Campaign for LOVE - UNITY - PEACE. The Festival has drawn the attention of people throughout the world. The Nigerian Reggae Festival promotes efforts to disseminate knowledge about climate change and the measures needed to counteract the changing climate through pollutants. The NIGERIAN REGGAE FESTIVAL primarily features Reggae Musicians from around the world and we will be celebrating Reggae the video's of artists since Reggae began, until now. The music is the envelope of the Festival. The humanitarian benefits are carefully placed in the envelope and consist of the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy, human rights, climate, health and helping the needy and we are open to corporate involvement.


I completely understand the effect of bringing people together in Peace and Harmony. My own ground breaking efforts have achieved a tremendous amount of respect and admiration from people, governments and causes. The positive flow from the news media that just covered my unveiling of the plan for the November 11-13, 2022 Nigerian Reggae Festival is a testament to my actions.


I have requested of many countries throughout the world that I am personally available to help resolve any conflicts of interest between neighboring countries. I am interested in peaceful solutions and will be an impartial mediator. I am presently working toward a peaceful resolution between long term civil war disputes. I understand that the road to World Peace is made by building relationships with people that can set differences aside and work for goals that they share in common like resources, food, water, the needs of all of the people on both sides of a border dispute are placed on the table. I discuss with both sides the contributions each can make to resolve their differences. I look at the intrinsic value of the overall picture for a peaceful solution with the needs of those innocent people caught in the middle. I have approached being PEACEMAKER with allowing opposing sides to place their grievances on the table and then extrapolate from them solutions, some are as simple as a lack of understanding, some as difficult as a border dispute over land and resources.


Paramount to my heart are the children, innocent in all respects in an adult world that at times fails to protect them, their struggle is ignored, they are starving, many have no family, no identity and their future has no resolve. The struggle of the children, for their sake and ours, must become our responsibility as adults. I ask people to raise their hands if they want knowledge or to be educated, ALL HANDS GO UP! Then why are the children being suppressed from getting an education? My position is simple, as I have done in LAGOS, helping children become educated. I have designed and built a school that is educating children in Nigeria. I am personally creating a safe environment for children to become contributors of the world through their social development.


If war is allowed to continue, the threat of chemical warfare and nuclear war becomes that much closer to reality as countries without them are building them, a truly scary thought that man's inhumanity to man could totally annihilate everything on Earth, a few times over. You may call on me for International Diplomacy.A weapon of mass destruction that is used will endanger many of us and no one lives in a safe zone as tensions escalate, no country that has these weapons will give them up to eliminate doomsday, but, how can they be kept from using them? I am working with many women and for women’s rights, equal pay, they deserve respect. As a class of people, they have been participants in a struggle  for equality among this predominantly male regulated world. The countries that women are struggling in due to class bias of them must cease and desist and immediately give them the fundamental human rights that has been taken away from them. Their peace-building skills are paramount to the success of this Peace Initiative.


I have notified governments with nuclear weapons to refrain from using them except as a deterrent if threatened by another country with nuclear weapons. I have studied the conflict resolutions made by Nobel Peace Prize Winners and I am utilizing their skills in brokering peaceful solutions to combative situations. We are all well aware of the catastrophic consequences of the misuse of nuclear weapons.


The rights of indigenous people and their struggle must be reconciled and made to fit in the overall culture of every government, giving them social justice.


We are on the threshold of possible total destruction of millions of people with the touch of buttons, I ask that we have mutual respect utilizing peaceful solutions. I am advocating for tolerance to preserve the lives of people and other forms of life on the planet to preserve humanity from imploding. I am here to prevent armed clashes and when they do happen to create the conditions foa a peaceful settlement based on non-biased negotiations for a lasting peace where the dignity of both sides is reconciled. The devastation caused by war must address the fundamental rights of refugees and repressed people. I stand up for those people as they are unable to speak for themselves, ignored but never forgotten by myself and the many other people that understand their plight and work to give them nourishment and security of mind and body.


I am a proponent for International Legislation for safe working conditions throughout the world. I am Prince Emeka Ojukwu - PRINCE OF PEACE, THE PEACEMAKER.



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I am Ambassador Bob C.N. Ikediala, an Artiste, Producer and Media Director of Music Africa Awake Foundation. I have known Prince Emeka Ojukwu for almost two decades and have been working on MUAFA Project together. Prince is indeed a  great person and spends most of his time working on Peace Projects all over Africa. Interestingly, I was also in the team that  traveled with Prince to Cotonou (Benin Republic) in April  to sign Peace and Unity Project with Reggae Embassy and Soul Joyce House, Benin Republic.


Hi, I am Iloabuchi Kingsley Obinna, CEO of #OBYNOCONCEPTS. We have been working with Prince Emeka Ojukwu for the past 3 years, we are the Media Outfit in charge of their printing jobs. We work together to promote and propagate the message of REGGAE throughout Nigeria, Africa and the whole Universe through MUSIC AFRICA AWAKE, NIGERIA REGGAE FESTIVAL etc. Prince Emeka Ojukwu is a good REGGAE Promoter, a good businessman, and a good leader who is doing his best to preach peace to the whole world.


Prince Emmanuel Abiodun Adérelé from the Royal Lineage of HRM Oba (King) Rufus Adesokeji Aderele Tewogboye II, The Osemawe of Ondo, Yoruba Empire, Nigeria, an accomplished Visual Artist, Master Percussionist, Sacred Yoruba Choreographer/Dancer and Arts Educator, Int'l Artist in Residence with the Osun's Village & African Caribbean Cultural Arts Corridor in Miami, Florida. "Prince Emeka Ojukwu, he’s doing great things. Highly respected in Nigeria and the music industry"


I am Hellmut Wolf, Director/ Owner/ Founder of Wolf Entertainment: I have been working with Prince Emeka Ojukwu over 3.5 years, we are their Distributor/Promoter for their artists for MUAFA RECORDS. I also produce the WAVE OF LOVE FESTIVAL and promoted PEACE - LOVE - UNITY of which MUAFA RECORDS sponsored with other notable sponsors and we are now workingtogether to put another WOLF together for 2023. Prince Emeka Ojukwu is a great guy, fantastic

visionary and making Africa and the World a better place.


I am Christian Okeke from Enugu state Nigeria, A Root Rock Reggae artist base in Enugu state Nigeria, my stage name is XTO MAN, it has been better for me and there is peace in my life since i found Prince Emeka Ojukwu C E O MUAFA Record Worldwide, MUAFA record is a peace concept, in fact Prince Emeka Ojukwu is a father of Peace, I've been so glad since i got to his record label and there is peace also in all his activities. Large respect Sir.


I am Andrew Earl Singer, CEO of Worldwide Talent Magazine et al, Videographer for International and National Artists and the publicist for up and coming talent and Superstars everyone knows. Hellmut Wolf approached me to get involved with the Nigerian Reggae Festival scheduled for November 11-13, 2022. I was reluctant but at his insistence I delved into MUAFA RECORDS and found the label to be beautiful, the music and artists enchanting and I was honestly captivated by their vibrancy and passion for performing. I studied the past events going back to 2015, intrigued, I looked at the life of Prince Emeka Ojukwu and particularly his driving force behind the event for Global Peace. My family came from a small village near Kiev that was destroyed in this war, members of my family were murdered there without grave markers. I am doing everything in my power to help THE PEACEMAKER in his efforts to bring Peace to fruition.


Peace be unto you my brethren, I am Pastor Udochukwu MBA, the CEO of MUAFA Properties, Lagos  Nigeria. Prince Emeka Ojukwu is somebody I have known for over six years in the Property Business. 


Prince is a very serious person when it comes to property business. He is also a humanitarian and spends a lot of time and money on propagating peace and unity is our community here in Lagos.

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