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Sunday, 01 January 2023 00:00

2023: Most Talk About Presidential Candidate will face defect while The Most Hatred Candidate will Win - Dr Chris Okafor

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* Except Nigerians Pray and work it out, Most Prefer candidate wil lose


* 2023 is the Year of the Spirit, when you have the spirit of God you shall overshadow everywhere


A Popular clergy and Lead Pastor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City Dr Chris Okafor has given his Prophesy for the Year 2023,  According to the Televangelist  Man of God,  his 2023 Prophecy will.come in batches and as directed by the Holy spirit.


During the Cross over to Take over Prophetic Service at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation in Ojodu Lagos Nigeria,  The Accurate Prophet of our Time declared that God reveals to him that, the Person that will win the forth coming Presidential Election in Nigeria, is the Person  most hatred by Nigerians,  The man of God who.was speaking in Parable said the Most love candidate by Nigerians will lose the election because Nigerians particularly the christians are not doing enough,  Nigerians are not praying enough for this candidate to be victorious,  also they are not working it out to ensure his victory,  Many christians still did not want to.participate in election process,  even many did not registered not to talk of having PVC Which will allow Voting for the right candidate,  nobody can win election through the Online..


Speaking on what many should  expect in 2023,  The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said the year 2023 is a year of the spirit,  he said as you serve your God with clean heart and take part in Kingdom Committment,  Holy spirit will overshadow you in all Area of your life and Grace will speak for you.


In his sermon with the theme, "How You Can be Overshadowed by the Holy Ghost",  The Generational Prophet of God emphasised that when you have the Holy Ghost upon your life certain things give way,  because the joy of the Lord is upon you and many thing begins to listen to you


Grace is what you are not born with but is manifesting in your life through the Holy Spirit,  therefore to be Overshadow by the Holy Spirit, Grace must be upon you and you must be a dweller of his Presence


The Mighty hand of God move as before through Gods servant The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor as the church began 2023 Prophetic Journey of faith, misery were demystified and evil altars keeping people were exposed, the evil one trying to renew evil convenant of People were all exposed as all their evil plan destroyed and scattered


The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor used the occasion to welcome everyone to the New year 2023 as he challenged all to continue to pray for Nigeria as the Nation is preparing to enter election Period


We welcome all our Readers to the Year 2023,  We will continue to give you the best of information....

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