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Mellentesque elit justo, dictum at facilisis nec, aliquam dignissim lectus. Donec gravida dolor in tortor convallis mollis. Donec vel risus ut turpis viverra faucibus. Aenean viverra quam sed nunc consequat vitae aliquam nisl eleifend. Praesent eros nisi, fringilla sed hendrerit nec.

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Oellentesque elit justo, dictum at facilisis nec, aliquam dignissim lectus. Donec gravida dolor in tortor convallis mollis. Donec vel risus ut turpis viverra faucibus. Aenean viverra quam sed nunc consequat vitae aliquam nisl eleifend. Praesent eros nisi, fringilla sed hendrerit nec.

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The Oyo State Government has begun clearing of about 52 black spots, otherwise known as illegal dump sites in Ibadan, the State capital.


A statement by the Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Dr. Wasiu Olatubosun on Tuesday, indicated that the Waste Consultant, Mottainai Recycling Ltd's trucks have been spotted at different locations in Ibadan.


Olatubosun said the black spots intervention started on Sunday, while the company is also enacting its door-to-door collection of waste.


According to him, Mottainai identified 52 black spots and these black spots are being attended to at different locations in the State.


"The Oyo State Government has begun clearing of approximately 52 black spots in Ibadan. Enormous work has been done, and Mottainai trucks have been cleaning up the spots", he said.


According to him, illegal dumpsites at Mokola, Jembewon, Eleyele, Urban Day, Old Ife road, Iyaganku have been cleared.


"There are many illegal dumpsites here in Ibadan and the Oyo State Government task force on waste management and other relevant stakeholders have identified the remaining black spots and they are currently being worked on", he said.


Olatubosun encouraged residents to work in partnership with the State Government, urging them not to burn their waste, but to bag them for proper disposal.


He applauded the strategy put in place by relevant stakeholders in the environmental sector, to clear the illegal dumpsites and move to the residential areas simultaneously.


“We are appealing to residents to comply with laid down rules. They should ensure they use authorised PSPs for a healthy society,” he said.


The second edition of the ALAT 5for5 promo, a six-month-long mega reward programme, is set…






Atiku Abubakar is not a new name in the Nigerian political milieu. Unlike all his opponents in the forthcoming presidential election, he has been holding critical political positions since late 1980s. This stands him out as the most experienced and versatile presidential candidate in the forthcoming election. In 1989, he was elected the National Vice Chairman of the Peoples Front of Nigeria and won a seat to represent his constituency at the Constituent Assembly. In 1993, he contested the presidential primaries of the Social Democratic Party, playing a positive role in the democratic struggles that followed after the botched political transition. In 1998, Abubakar joined the Peoples Democratic Party and later won the Adamawa State gubernatorial election in 1999. As fate might have it, he was picked by the then General Olusegun Obasanjo (rtd) as his running mate for the presidential election. 


When the election was won, he went on to become Nigeria’s vice president between 1999 and 2007. Political pundits point out that Atiku was easily Obasanjo’s pick at that time due to his political artistry, leadership expertise, great followership and unwavering loyalty to good causes. Perhaps, many adult Nigerians will recall the role Wazirin Adamawa played as the helmsman of both the National Economic Council as well as the National Council on Privatization. He was in charge of these two portfolios when the country achieved a significant reduction in its external debt. Before Atiku became the helmsman of the National Council on Privatization, there had been 588 public enterprises which accounted for 55 percent of Nigeria’s external debt. The enterprises were bleeding the country’s lean resources and worsening its fiscal profile. 


Abubakar went to work and by the time he and his team concluded the privatization exercise, Nigeria had been weaned off the external debt component and there was sufficient capital to deal with the country’s enormous infrastructure apertures at that time. Many often ascribe achievements to presidents but sometimes fail to acknowledge specific roles played by their deputies, especially in Nigeria where vice presidents superintend the economy.


The fact is that Abubakar was at the centre of most of the economic achievements recorded during that era - which is often described as the best since 1999. Except the story is written by a maleic or mischievous element, it is impossible to mention the $18 million debt relief, liberalization of the telecoms sector which brought in MTN and other telecoms companies, National Poverty Eradication Program, Monetization Policy and other laudable economic achievements of the Obasanjo administration without mentioning the yeoman’s job done by Atiku Abubakar. Apart from Atiku’s achievements on the Nigerian economy, he is a bridge between the young and the old. He is tech-savvy and understands the emerging changes in technology and education. Little wonder his presence is felt both in traditional and new media. He owns a university that is easily one of the best in the country.


During the 2019 presidential election which he believes he won, he drew several accolades and much support from young Nigerians who saw him as a new face of change and a departure from the old order. Atiku believes that any nation that ignores emerging technology trends is living in the past. Little wonder he counselled the current administration in August 2022 to embrace the e-government to reduce governance costs and bolster economic growth in the country. 

 Atiku Abubakar was a major advocate for the Startup Bill. Even when Muhammadu Buhari was not sure as to whether to assent to it or not, the Wazirin was at the forefront, urging the president to quickly assent to it to open up opportunities for Nigeria’s young population, which makes up over 60 percent of Nigeria’s demography


. In his series of Tweets in August 2022, Atiku noted that the ICT industry was a critical part of his national development plan and framework targeted at ensuring economic growth and diversification in the coming years. He had said, “My administration intends to enthrone a disruptive economic agenda that will position ICT at the forefront of our policy development strategy and ensure that digital technologies and innovations in ICT, and IT-enabled products and services are given an enabling environment to drive and help build our new digital economy, notably in areas such as E-commerce, IT manufacturing, ICT enabled outsourcing, the broader start-up ecosystem and other emerging technologies.” 


Even his enemies attest that he is a detribalized Nigerian. Unlike other candidates, Atiku has friends from Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Ijaw, Ibibio and other ethnic groups. One of the points often adduced by his traducers is the erroneous tittle-tattle about being disliked by his people – a fiction which has been disproved by facts. But the notion itself establishes the truth that Atiku is a detribalized Nigerian who will be fair to all Nigerians if elected into office as Nigeria’s president.

He has an eye for talents and has a proven capacity to appoint the best people into his cabinet if elected Nigeria’s president. Even his nuptial ties which extend to different parts of Nigeria are a testament to his cosmopolitan mindset and educated thought process.


Perhaps, there is nowhere his fairness and fair play have shone like stars than in the area of his selection of his vice presidential candidates since 2007 from the South-East Nigeria or Igbo nation. Unlike several other candidates who have failed to recognize the marginalization of this group of entrepreneurs over the years, Atiku has shown the group, in the last 15 years, that he can be trusted to treat them fairly and hand power to them after his tenure. More so, the failures of the past eight years have vindicated Atiku’s free market philosophy. 


Those who have chosen to toe the statist, socialist, command and control system have seen the Nigerian economy collapse like a pack of cards. They turn around to accuse Abubakar of a plot to “sell government assets to his friends.” Yet they have allowed more than 100 public assets in various parts of Nigeria to rot away and depreciate. As an astute businessman and a man who believes in small government, Atiku Abubakar knows how not to waste public facilities and to put them into productive use. His philosophy of privatization, which again has been mischievously misinterpreted by flippant politicians, is one that has developed the United States, Europe and various parts of the Western world.


Facts are sacred and information on industrial revolutions in America and Europe is readily available on the internet. Atiku is a serious candidate who believes in closing down the multiple exchange rate system in Nigeria and improving the country’s productive base to raise foreign exchange inflows. He understands that the era of allowing arbitrage in the foreign exchange market through the multiple exchange rate system should be over to enable the Nigerian economy to have some breath of fresh air. Atiku is a frontline candidate in the forthcoming presidential election scheduled for February 25 due to his proven capacity at the highest level.


None of the other candidates has ever attained the position of vice president. Three other candidates are at best former governors who do not understand how to govern a vast country like Nigeria. It is easier to claim that anybody who governs Lagos, Anambra or Kano can lead Nigeria, but there is no evidence to prove that. Any rational person who compares someone who governed one state to another who was vice to a man who led 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory is not being sincere.

Atiku has led at the topmost echelon of the Nigerian political ladder and is the most experienced of all the candidates. Given the country’s current multifarious challenges, it will be risky to leave it in the hands of learners and those whose stock-in-trade for the first four years will be trial and error.  


 *Godwin Oke, a current affairs expert is based in Lagos.*








Çelebrity Journal  Publishers' Association of Nigeria (CJPAN) on Sunday 14th January 2023 presented Hall of Fame award to one of it's patrons, Pastor Chima Emenuga, the General Overseer of Destiny Revival Church in his church during service in Lagos.


While presenting the Hall Of Fame,  the President of the association, Comrade Joshua Uloko explained that Pastor Emenuga was one of the few Nigerians that has  been honoured for their  outstanding supports spiritually and financially for the association and urges him to continue praying for peace in Nigeria.

'Therefore,  we really appreciate your support spiritually and financially for CJPAN. I want to tell you that you are one of the few scandal- free pastors in Nigeria, just like, Pastor DK Olukoya of MFM, who has been supporting us and not relented in his prayers to move Nigeria forward. May the Lord Almighty continue to strengthen your ministry." 


Pastor Emenuga in his response, said, he appreciated the honour bestowed on him by the association and expressed his love for the association.

" I love your association because you're  God's fearing, and  I promise  to continuing giving my  support spiritually and financially to CJPAN and the nation at large".


It would be recalled that CJPAN held it's 4th annual AGM on 16th December, 2022 and inducted some dignitaries into their Hall Of Fame.









Meetings and strategies is at top gear towards a plan Town hall meeting by Over 75 various groups that come together to form coalitions,  the Town Hall meeting will be held in Lagos,  specifically in Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Secretariat Hall, it is aims at  educating  voters and give them insight on how to vote Asiwaju Bola Ahmed for President and various update. And also to inform the electorates on Gov.Sanwo olu for second term Lagos Governor Project....


Speaking at the strategic meeting in lagos the DG of Coalition of PMBAT,  Chief Yemi  oladokun said the town hall meeting is a strategy deploy to enlighten  the various groups in the coalition to inform the people of the need to get there  PVC ready towards the presidential election and to update them on the need to ensure that the coalition project is executed to the latter which will transform to victory for our Principal,  Senator Bola Ahmad Tinubu


The DG said the Town hall meeting which will.kick start in Ifako Ijaiye on the 28th January 2022 and later across the Nation will.see many candidate of APC at the forth coming election in Attendance


Speaking in same vain The Deputy Director General of the coalition Mr Sotayo said the Town hall meeting will also feature Various empowerment it will also allow APC candidates Present to presents their manifesto to there constituent

We are determined and no going back on our commitment to ensure Asiwaju Wins the Presidential  Election,  Therefore victory for our principals Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu for President and Babajide sanwo olu for second term in Lagos state  is certain,  we as a group will ensure there victory by God Grace....








* i see Angel Pouring oil of Victory on Labour Party Candidate but There will be Manipulation if Christians did not Pray


* I see mayhem,  if Nigeria did not vote wisely, Nigerians will suffer for another 8years,  be warn


Lagos Popular Prophet ans Televangelist,  Dr Chris Okafor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation city has declared that God has interest in Nigeria as the Nation prepares to Move from one political region to another but wans nigerians to vote wisely for competence and a man who has the fear of God at heart Saying Nigeria Politics is beyond Physical something but controls by the spiritual


Speaking at the Sunday Glorious service at the international Headquater of Grace Nation in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria,  The Generational prophet of God said he saw Angels Pouring oil of Victory on the Labour Presidential Candidate,  because he is God anointed candidate to win,  though it will come to pass but there manipulation of the outcome of the election, insecurity might be reason while election will not hold except if the body of Christ rise to the occasion through Prayers,  God reveals to redeem,  with Prayers God can disappoint the expectation of the evil ones


Speaking further,  the Accurate seer of our time remarked that the spiritual control the Physical,  if prayers are deployed to counter the evil manipulated projected, the result of the election will turns in the favour of Nigerians,  am not a politicians and am not planning to be one,  as one of the  religion leader in the country,  am making this clarion call to inform Nigerians for the needs to get there voters card Ready and vote for the rightful God chosen candidate,  because if Nigerians make another mistakes,  it another round of 8years in suffering and living in abject poverty,  i thereby called on all over 10millions Grace Nation citizen in Nigeria to go out and collect there PVC which will.let them vote for the best candidate that will bring the expected change to the country,  i advise all my Members to be Obedience to the directive of God


Earlier in his sermon with the subtitle Importance and blessings of Obedience, the Lead Pastor of Grace Nation Dr Chris Okafor said when you obey God life become so easy for you,  what many of your colleagues cannot achieve for years, because you follow the principle of obedience you achieve without stress


Obedience to the words of God guarantee favour,  success,  breakthrough and most importantly access to God is guarantee and when God gives you audience you are a victorious


The realms of the prophetic witness creative deliverance and miracle, God came down mightily delivering many from various illness,  A man who could not walk suffering from an unknown sickness recieves instant healings as so many miracle babies were released to mothers among other deliverance and healings


Grace Nation worldwide use the prophetic service to pray for nigeria and for a successful General election coming few day from now


Wema Bank Plc's stocks emerged as the best-performing financial stocks on the Nigerian Exchange during the 2022 financial year.

In a report titled "The Best Performing Stocks in Nigeria in 2022," Nairametrics compiled and analyzed the best-performing stocks in 2022, comparing their share prices as of December 31st, 2021, and December 30th, 2022. The analysis considered all 159 publicly listed companies during the period.

According to the report, Wema Bank’s share price appreciated by a whopping 441.7 percent. This helped it to close the 2022 year at N3.9, down from the 72 kobo recorded at the end of 2022. The bank recorded a healthy 51% increase in gross earnings in the first nine months of 2022 and a 31% increase in post-tax profit. Investors rallied around the bank’s stocks despite a general downturn in most banking stocks during the year.

Similarly, Wema Bank declared a final dividend of 24 kobo per ordinary share to its shareholders in 2021.

This fuels speculation that increased profitability in 2022 could suggest a better dividend payout to shareholders. The Nigerian equity market rallied by 19.98% in 2022, higher than the 6.07% recorded in the previous year.

After many years of dividend freezes, the bank has resumed dividend payments to shareholders in the last three years. Wema has modernized its processes and has increasingly leveraged digital technologies to serve its customers, boosting efficiency and productivity in the process.

Additionally, the bank enjoyed a profitable year in terms of its financial performance and equity performance. Nairametrics ranked the bank as the best-performing commercial bank in the first half of 2022 based on metrics from its financial statements. Wema Bank also won the "Highest Dividend Yield" award at the Pearl Awards in 2022.

Multiverse Mining Company was another of last year's best-performing stocks. Meyer Plc, Thomas Wyatt Plc, and Academy Press Plc, among others.








Former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Amb. TY Buratai (Rtd) has congratulated the memers of the armed forces of Nigeria on the occasion of the year 2023 armed forces remembrance day.



Buratai who eulogises the Nigerian Army via his statement also gave kudos to the Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen F Yahaya, the Theatre  Commander, the Sector Commanders and all the troops of Operation HADIN KAI for their continued gallantry and consolidating on the peace attained in the North East. He affirmed his belief and trust in the Nigerian Army:







Back home to the warm welcome by the  courageous  Nigerian Army Troops of Sector 2  Operation HADIN KAI. Passing through the Damaturu - Buratai - Biu Road, now safer than ever before. Kudos to the Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen F Yahaya, the Theatre  Commander, the Sector Commanders and all the troops of Operation HADIN KAI for their continued gallantry and consolidating on the peace attained in the North East.

I am proud of the Nigerian Military. The best way to truly serve ones' nation. 





Today 15 January 2023 we remember our gallant fallen heroes who made the supreme sacrifice. May their gentle souls rest in peace.  Amen. 

I appreciate and commend the President, Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari GCFR for his continued support to the Nigerian Military since the Year 2015. 

The Year 2023 shall be a year of Democratic Consolidation building on the laudable legacies of the President and further reducing the challenges the country is facing by the Grace of God.  

I commend the CDS General LEO Irabor and the Service Chiefs and urged the members of the Armed Armed Forces to keep the flag flying. Democracy has come to stay in Nigeria.  

The Nigerian Army remains the Pride of the Nation. I am proud being a member of the family and one of the best Armies in Africa. 



Lt Gen Amb TY Buratai Rtd 

former Chief of Army Staff. 








Heritage Bank Plc, one of Nigeria’s most innovative service providers, has emerged as the first financial institution in Nigeria to win the “Best Supporting Bank with Central Bank of Nigeria’s Information on Anchor Borrowers’ Programme (ABP).”


The apex bank recently awarded Heritage Bank at the Bankers’ Award Night organized and held by the CBN Bankers’ Committee in Abeokuta for its robust publications of information in the media space on the several feats around the ABP. The CBN also noted that Heritage Bank has continued to be a key financial partner that is creating economic linkages with small farmers and reputable large-scale processors, with a view of increasing agricultural output and significantly improving the capacity utilization of processors.


Commenting on the recognition, Managing Director of the Bank, Akinola George-Taylor said, “The award reflects our strong business fundamentals, resilience, and commitment to transforming Nigeria’s agricultural value-chain. With the support of the bank, we have helped farmers boost the production of commodities and stabilize inputs supply to agro processors which has helped in addressing the country’s food insecurity.

“As a strategic partner that is complementing the efforts of CBN and other stakeholders in the agric sector, we have continued to communicate the broad objectives of ABP.  The bank has focused on increasing finance to the agricultural sector, the creation of new generations of farmers/entrepreneurs, and growing employment rates. This has led to the reduction of agricultural commodity importation and conservation of external reserves, and the assistance of rural smallholder farmers to grow to commercial production levels, amongst others.”


Heritage Bank has remained the pioneer Bank in financing the first ever large-scale rain-fed wheat production in Nigeria and is a prominent participating financial institution (PFI) under CBN’s ABP scheme. Heritage Bank Plc in partnership with CBN has also disbursed N41billion to farmers from 14 states for the expansion of wheat production.








Over the week, one Miss Chiamaka Agim went viral on social media, calling out Zenith Bank after a fraudulent unauthorized transfer was carried out from her account where a tune of four million Naira was siphoned on the 9th of January 2023. In other to sway public sympathy, Chiamaka resorted to all kinds of threats saying she will commit suicide if her money is not returned to her account. After recounting her experience on how the incident occurred via her post on social media, Shola Akinwale, a time-tested Information Technology personality and former bank employee, took interest in the case and launched a private investigation into what might her transpired leading to an unauthorized transfer.


After his private investigation, Shola found out that the said amount could not have left Chiamaka’s account without authorization via a token which must have been sent to her mobile phone. He further stated that; her card pin, expiry date and other information on it might have been compromised.  Maybe her phone must have been stolen for the person who carried out the fraud to have successfully transferred the money into another account. “The theft was a coordinated one I must tell you. She must have revealed her information to a close ally who carried out the transaction, or she is not saying the truth about what happened to either her ATM card or her mobile phone. She might have revealed some information to those close to her who carried out such theft. On the other hand, her card might have been compromised maybe she had fallen victim to some fraudulent POS operator who has cloned her card. From my investigation, I gathered that it's not her first time using such means to transfer money using an e-token. No one can authorize the transfer without her access to the mobile phone where the token was or One Time Password OTP must have been inserted to complete the transaction. The funny aspect is that the money was transferred three times into a different account. It means the e-token was generated three times. So something is wrong somewhere.


According to section 3,4,6, Cardholders users of CBN guidelines on the operation of electronic payment channels in Nigeria issued in June 2020A card holder/ user shall;


Protect the Payment card, mobile device and pin with due care.

Notify the issuer immediately the pin is compromised.


iii. notify the issuer immediately about stolen, damaged, lost or destroyed cards and mobile phones.




Section  stated further that; The cardholder shall be held liable for fraud committed with his card arising from the misuse of his pin or debit card.”





Zenith Bank is not at fault. The fault is coming from Chiamaka who was careless with her information or her phone. It’s nearly possible for such a huge amount to move without authorization from the owner of the account. So Chiamaka should think deeply and get anyone who might be a suspect around her. She did not guard her information jealously”








On the other hand, sympathizers on social media have also called on Zenith bank to make their investigation and reveal what really happened in the said fraud. Zenith bank quickly swung into action by calling for an in-house investigation. According to an internal memo on the investigation carried out by the bank, it was recorded that; Chiamaka authorized the transfer. She authorized a transfer of 3,715,000, 222,900 and 102,000 via an e-token assigned with serial numbers to the transfers to various accounts in different banks. From investigation, it was gathered that she used the e-token to change the authentication mode from token to Mobile pin on the 21st of November 2021. The Information was also used to enrol a Zenith Bank Mobile Banking app on the 6th of December 2021 on an iPhone 11 pro-Max at exactly 11:25.06 pm. It was gathered that she had authorized many transactions with the E-token and four-digit pin using the mobile app severally and she never complained of any lagging from the bank before the said disputed transaction was carried out. “The transaction was consummated by the device iPhone 11 pro-Max on the 9th of January 2023. If you claim the transaction was not authorized by you is true. It means someone had unrestricted access to your device.’ It was further gathered that when she reported the incident, the e-token was disabled and the fraudulent transfer was escalated to the beneficiary bank which is UBA and Access Bank. UBA claimed the beneficiary account from their end had a good profile and does not depict fraud while Access Bank was able to salvage 800 thousand from the beneficiary account as they await a court order to be able to repatriate the salvaged funds back to Chiamaka’s account.





It was also stated in the investigation that; Chiamaka did not immediately block the account on noticing the fraudulent transfer by using the emergency *966*911#code to block other unauthorized transfers. She also did not call the open 24 hours daily call centre for help. If she had done that, they would have taken swift action by reversing the transaction but she didn’t reach out to the bank for such assistance.