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Mellentesque elit justo, dictum at facilisis nec, aliquam dignissim lectus. Donec gravida dolor in tortor convallis mollis. Donec vel risus ut turpis viverra faucibus. Aenean viverra quam sed nunc consequat vitae aliquam nisl eleifend. Praesent eros nisi, fringilla sed hendrerit nec.

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Oellentesque elit justo, dictum at facilisis nec, aliquam dignissim lectus. Donec gravida dolor in tortor convallis mollis. Donec vel risus ut turpis viverra faucibus. Aenean viverra quam sed nunc consequat vitae aliquam nisl eleifend. Praesent eros nisi, fringilla sed hendrerit nec.

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December 2022 accorded a firsthand experience of how lots of Nigerians fall cheaply into the hands of avoidable deaths.


While it could be said that, what humans worship  or what they consider a supreme being; through their religious inclinations,it must be noted that, religion shouldn't take away sound reasoning.


 I embarked on a journey during the Yuletide,but had to rush back after 3 days, owing to certain urgent media assignments awaiting me in Lagos. While in transit, I had a somewhat sharp pain and continuous stomach arches that got me vomit over and over again.


At this point, while many would think resorting to only prayers would do, I had to explore immediate first aids, took some water and prayed to be sustained back to Lagos from a journey that should last 9 hours.


One must say that the human anatomy is such that is complexly wired by nature;to be able to communicate defects and faults;like machines.  In the event that such faults are detected,it behoves on individuals to proffer  immediate solutions, to avoid  total breakdown of the body system.


I got to Lagos and landed in General hospital, Ifako Ijaiye,where I was diagnosed and placed on admission.  As a matter of fact,I  "crossed over'' into 2023 on sick bed.


The intent of this piece, is not to bore you with my health predicaments during the Yuletide, but to bring to bare, how many Nigerians lose their lives, as result of sheer ignorance, overtly  religious leanings and   being unnecessarily 'over-spiritual' in health matters. 


My first disappointment at the hospital came, when a family brought in their 23 year-old son unconscious, with  less than 18% blood level.


The young man,who is said to have just won a scholarship,to study overseas needed just 3-4 pints of blood transfused to his body,in order to regain consciousness. 


However,his parents rejected the doctors' diagnosis and prescriptions. To my utmost bewilderment,they opted to go only spiritual,saying they prefer taking their son to their church's ''Prayer Ground;'' along Lagos-Ibadan expressway.  


While battling with my own pains, I imagined the great disservice this parents are doing their son, considering the enormous gridlock along that axis, especially that day being the 30th of December. I mumbled within me "why not yield to Doctor's instructions as first aids;and then follow-up with prayers thereafter?"


Well, to the astonishment of everyone, they drove away, only to return very shortly with their son's corpse. He couldn't make it to the prayer ground. He was confirmed dead after doctor's examination.


Both parents ended up cutting short the life of their son; because of sheer ignorance, and or stupidity.


In a sadly related encounter, a woman of about 45 years came  complaining of going through some pains in her body. She was subsequently asked to run a test of just 28 thousand naira,but she  grumbled all day long that the money was to outrageous. She also prefers to visit prayer ground,for her health predicament. 


In defiance to medical suggestions, she murmured while walking up and down, but suddenly, she fell into coma and couldn't survive it,as she was confirmed dead. 


The most annoying and traumatizing was that, N80,000 cash was untied from her wrapper by her husband, who claimed she just took her monthly contributions. What ignorance! 


I watched again,as a young lady of about 36 years-old slipped into coma. She claimed she mistakenly got pregnant by her husband just not too long after she had a child through Cesarean Section.


 The news of a possible complications and related challenges landed her into this life threatening condition. Wouldn't she have known better? Wouldn't she have been educated on child spacing, family planning and other related issues?  Yet another show of ignorance! 


Many would want to sell the belief that,no amount of caution and carefulness would save from death,but it is wisdom,to refuse to be cajoled into living recklessly.  


In another sad encounter, a rich man was diagnosed of been poisoned through drinks. When asked by the Doctor,he confirmed his driver bought him a soft drink a few hour to the time.


In a fight for his life,the man pleaded that the Doctors help save his life. Meanwhile,he said he had over 5 million naira in his car booth, which he and the driver just collected that night, thinking after public holidays he would have it deposited into the bank.


While doctors were making frantic efforts to resuscitate him,the man abruptly gave up the ghost.


There were many cases of unfortunate deaths;through ignorance and 'over-spiritualism' witnessed,but this few cases should be enough, to enlighten Nigerians that,no religion is against seeking medicare,as the wisdom in medicine is given by God Himself.  


One can only hope and pray that Nigerians learn from these mistakes.

Arguably, Ada's Kitchen is a haven of delicious and nutritious food. Packaged and run by…









"My attention has been drawn to the fake News published  by one Unprofessional  fake blogger  who is using a reputable none bias platform ( THE AUTHORITY NEWS PAPER) as a cover up to achieve Yellow journalism popularity, " I would like to use this golden opportunity to inform  millions of our news reader  that such story did not come from me, nor- the Paper I am working for " THE AUTHORITY NEWS PAPER," Zakari Maradun insist.


" Yes I am fully aware that the, Zamfara State governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle was to visit Anka local government area of the State for the continuation of his Senatorial campaign in the State, but unaware of any Bandits threats because I am not part of the team neither any of our reporter who acted the script writing by the hater of our reputable paper THE AUTHORITY NEWS PAPER " Salisu Zakari Maradun lamented.


The general public should note that, many  bandits enclave in Zamfara State has suffered heavy casualties from our gallant soldiers in which many of them met with their untimely death while some manage to escaped with assault injuries as such, I would like to inform the general public that for the past six months,the State government under the leadership of our Grassroot Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle is getting information reports of bandits attacks but now the State government hardly get any of such due to the Government determination to ensure the the security of lifes of it Citizenry.


" I have been working and covering the activities of Governor Matawalle campaign team right from Kaura Namoda, Zurmi, Bakura, subsequently Maru and Bungudu local governments except that of Anka which was held Sunday last week therefore, the report from  enemies of THE AUTHORITY NEWS PAPER is faked.


" Last week hundreds of bandits loyal to Dankarami has been hits by  Niger Air force and  presently according to report available, the Nigerian Army are on the final clearance mission of Zurmi and Birnin Magaji local governments respectively," Zakari Maradun said.


"We have so many blogs designer in this country that can withing 20 minutes damage the reputation of an individual,  on this note I would like to make it very clear that such people should desist from using my name please," Maradun warn.

There was jubilation and celebration as the Twon Brass Kingdom's palace was officially unveiled today,…









Arguably, Prophet Joshua Iginla is an international acclaimed prophet who is gifted in speaking the mind of God. 


Iginla who is the shepherd in charge of Champions Royal Assembly, Abuja has rolled out fresh prophetic insights into the year 2023 concerning Nigeria in particular and the world at large. 


In this prophetic release he revealed the mind of God concerning the 2023 election in Nigeria especially the political gladiators and other Notable countries across the globe. Excerpts...


My spirit was worried in December and the Holy spirit took me on a journey in the spirit. 


I was in a deep dream and an angel dragged me out in the dream and asked me to look up into the sky and when I did, I saw Information that looks like a moonlight and later look like a rainbow and saw an angel around the circle. I saw a mighty trumpet and I was gripped with a terrible fear.


I saw a hand and knew someone was about to blow the trumpet. The angel spoke to me that the earth needs to cry for mercy because the end is here. The earth will continue to witness unforeseen circumstances that will be mysterious. My first prophetic word is that the master is preparing to come back and take his own. The Lord will take some away earlier than expected.  Its not storm or attack. He will visit the mighty of the mighty. It’s not rapture.


I saw two Generals of the Gospel being taken home this year. It’s not attack. 


Globally,  the church of God will wax stronger. There shall be revival of the word of truth in churches.


There will be new set of kingdom ministers both males and females across the globe. He will raise unknown ministers whose rising will swallow others.


Politically, God will also raise up nobody's that will swallow the bigger ones.


For 2023, those of you following me from 2021, 2022 will attest to it that even before the primaries of the political parties, I said Wike is a factor and Tinubu too is a major factor. And you attest to what happened in 2022.


We have to pray not to have unnecessary drag of delay of announcement of the election  result.


Don't misquote me, the ruling party should not be over courageous because I see a fight of two lions amd a tiger especially in the gubernatorial elections of some states. There will be a win and gain here and a lost there. Concerning the presidential election,  I see the most criticised and hated candidate emerging winner under the permissive will of God.


Don't under estimate the Labiur party. 


I will mention these states and won't elaborate but we should just pray along as the election is under way- Kaduna state, Benue State, Plateau state, Enugu state, Abia State, Cross River and Oyo State. As the election goes, the parties holding those states should be prepared and not be over confident so that we won't have surprises.


States like Rivers, Lagos, i see those sitting on the seat retaining the seats. 


After the election  we have to pray that Nigeria will not experience battles and tensions. We should pray that the outcome of the elections should go down well with the players and the aggrieved ones should address it legitimately. 


Let's pray against fire Outbreaks in major markets in Nigeria.


Peter Obi must work hard on his security as a person before and during the election.


2023 will be a turning point for Nigeria after the election. Contrary to the prophecies being giving, Nigeria will gradually bkunced back irrespective of the tensions that will come during and after the elections. 


The new government that will come in will take drastic measures that will create tensions but it will lead to sustainable economic growth that will shock us.


There will be great exposure of secret that this current government which even Mr President might not know that his appointees have perpetrated. Its going to be a mystery. 


The CBN Governor should pray well because I see hard times are coming ahead of him.


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be released but he has to pray for his health. He has to pray even after his release...indeed the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  He must fight to stay alive and think about his health. He still has a purpose to fulfil.


The voice of the Igbo man will be heard sometime, somehow on God's own calendar some day.


The APC presidential candidate will suggest sensitive betrayal. Its going to be a tough one but it won't change anything. 


Overconfidence is dangerous at times. God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wisdom  of the wise. Peter Obi is a man with a mysterious destiny but a prophet is without honour except in his own kindred. Mighty betrayal will come form quarters he least expected.  2023 is a year of mystery. Those you despise might be your helpers and those you are embracing might be the ones to betray you.




Governor Wike’s political destiny is not yet over. He will play a major political role in the destiny of this country. I am not  saying  this for enticement but the star is on his head somehow. He should watch over his health too and avoid being poisoned. Like I said, Wike is a factor...


Even after election, the winners should pray to enjoy their health and not be travelling constantly abroad for medical attention. 


There is a spiritual curse on the seat of power of this country. There is a force that made men who have something tangible to do for this country to enter there and find it difficult to do anything. 


Most African countries should pray against attacks on their democracy. 


I see military interventions in most African counties between now and 2028. We should pray that our democracy should not be truncated. 


More scandals will rock some pastors. Some will be self-inflicted and some manipulated by the enemies.


Between 2023 to 2026 another kind of epidemic will surface but it won't last. It will shake the system because they are signs of the end time.


There is a sensitive king in this country that needs prayers. 


Let's pray that the days of bomb blast won't come back mist especially after the elections.


The G5 governors expecially those of them still contesting should pray well to pull through in their bid to serve this country politically . I am particular about one of them. Sadly, their will be a crack among the G5. They will fall apart and it will be due to external forces. 


The political party this G5 will support will make a difference, don't undermine it.


The president of Russia,  Putin should pray concerning his health. I see a strong attack coming so that he won't be a vegetable while still on the throne. 


There will be relative peace between Russia and Ukraine this year. So many things will come to play this year and Ukraine will find back her life.




The Vatican, the Catholic should continue to pray for this great ministry.  There is still another kind of attack of their sensitive leaders between 2023 and 2024.






South Africa- The 2024 election will be serious and tough. The person there will narrowly escape...Julius Malema will become the president one day because the hand of God is upon him.




There will be revival back in South African church and fesh fire will rekindle the glory. The load shedding will get worse but God's hand is upon the country. 




Zimbabwe- The gospel fire will be massive. The current president will go to the polls and sustain his seats. But we pray for the economy to grow stronger under his watch. 






Zambia- the president  will continue to deliver his electoral promises, the economy will wax stronger  but there are some mysterious enemies in the system who will want to thwart his plans. God will expose them to him. Please don't forget those who Labour for you before you attain the seat of power. 






South Sudan- it will wax stronger this year but their will be more battles on the economy but the Lord will sustain the country.






Like I said last years the president should continue to pray for his health so that people won't be fighting over his seats even while he is still alive.






Kenya- The president of Kenya will deliver his electoral promises gradually but he should pray against civil unrest that can do alot of harm to his current gains and plans for the country. He must be prayerful and sensitive he won't be poisoned and that he might finished well.








Uk- the new prime minister should pray too to finish his tenure. I see another shaking. UK should pray against senseless killing.










Gabon- the president should be prayerful. God is the giver of life and will keep him in good health. 




Let's pray for the month of July, August till October of this year for the country of Gabon.




Like I said between 2023-2027 in Nigeria many political cabals, strong men who are holding down this country will be called home. Some will be very sick, some will lose interest in politics,, others will retire or give way to others.  It will be battle between their lives and politics. I see a political revolution with a new breed of leaders that will rise up but the shift like I said we should watch out in 2031.


A new government will remove subsidy. Things will go high but at the same time things will finally fall In place . 


The next government is coming under the permissive will of God. Like others say, its a David but God told me its a Saul preparing a way for David.




Young ladies should be careful of hookups because there will be high rise of ritual killings this year.

...Celebrate Birthday Mate, Mrs Sanwo-Olu, Tallen Her efforts to empower the less privileged and support…








The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. (Dr) Mudashiru Obasa, on Tuesday evening received the Security and Intelligence Committee of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council (APC-PCC), who were at the House on a courtesy visit.


The visit is comes few weeks to the general election which has Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the presidential candidate of the APC.


Upon arrival at the Lagos Assembly, the team led by retired military chief, General Jubril Abdulmalik, and which has top security experts including General Abayomi Olorunisakin, former Chief of Defence Staff and General Tukur Buratai, former Chief of Army Staff, immediately went into a close-door meeting with the Speaker.


Those in the entourage also include retired Assistant Inspector -General of Police (AIG) Hakeem Odumosu and Dr. Abdurrazaq Balogun, a former lawmaker and Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Security Trust Fund.


Eromosele Ebhomele

Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly.








The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele is an unusual prophet whose glory has shone beyond the shores of Africa to other continents around the world.


He released his 2023 prophecies on Thursday, 23rd of December, 2022 and before the day ended, some of them have started coming to pass. Before we got into 2023, more have come to pass and now that we are in 2023, several have started coming to pass.


In his prophecy for the new year and Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election, Primate Ayodele revealed that there will be political attacks on politicians and that all of them should be careful of their movements. He revealed that there will be thug attacks on popular politicians in the build up to the presidential election.


Just two days ago, the governor of Sokoto state, Aminu Tambuwal, who is the campaign DG of the PDP presidential candidate was attacked by hoodlums shortly after he led a campaign. He narrowly escaped but his vehicle’s windscreen was smashed, fulfilling Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.


Also, former president Olusegun Obasanjo has just endorsed the candidate of the labour party, Peter Obi for president ahead of the election. This endorsement came with different backlashes as many claim it will not make any tangible difference for Obi. Primate Ayodele had foretold that Obasanjo wants to back Obi for presidency but it will not lead to anything for him. Now that Obasanjo has backed him, will the other part of the prophecy come to pass? Considering the fact that the reaction of people echoes Primate Ayodele’s prophecy?


In the international scene, there was a stampede in Uganda on new year day and it killed about nine people including Children. The unfortunate incident happened in a mall in Kampala. Primate Ayodele in his warnings to the world revealed that there will be stampedes in some countries. The first unfortunate stampede in 2023 has just been recorded in Uganda.


Also, in a video on his social media account, Primate Ayodele made it known that there will be a global financial crisis and that there will be shortage of money. In fulfillment of this prophecy, the Chief of the International monetary fund (IMF) warned that one-third of the world will enter recession in 2023, echoing Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.







It was glitz and glamour as the premier and leading financial institution in the country, FirstBank thrilled their customer to a memorable "DecemberIssaVybe" at the just concluded Vibe on the Beach, featuring sensational music act, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun widely known as Big Wiz. The timing of the concert was right, having had Asake and Kiss Daniel’s concert precede that of the grammy award winning music sensation.




DecemberIssaVybe is not just about music but fun, fun and fun in its entirety, from stage plays to art and culture… the list comprised Culturati to Beeta Arts Festival Abuja, Koffi Tha Guru Unorthodox, Duke of Shomolu Production’s Encore, Our Duke Has Gone Mad Again and Ufok Iban.




Others supported by the Bank include; Joromi: The Musical Concert; Osamede, Awo and Ufok Iban by Duke of Shomolu Productions.




So back to the main gist... tell me who does not love gist, especially when it comes to Big Wiz. 




Vibes on The Beach was held at Landmark Beach Oniru, Lagos on Friday, December 30th, 2022. It was unarguably an amazing night of fun and nothing but a star-studded show which exploded the audience to the height of ecstasy and rhythm of bliss courtesy of FirstBank.




With the kick time slated for 6 pm, the environs of Oniru were a beehive of activities as thousands thronged Landmark to be a partaker of the grandest Lagos concert of the year.




The organizational skills of the organizers and sponsors were nothing short of perfection as Landmark was transfigured into a haven of an international center, divided into regular, VIP, and VVIP.




Of a truth, the attendees who cut across individuals, friends, family members who came for reunions, and lovers were all smiles as they passed through the passage of entrance branded with FirstBank, the only financial brand which has provided them the opportunity and platform for yet another memorable homecoming experience with their idol, Wizkid. 




Those at the regulars, VIPs, and VVIPs stands were mesmerized by the decoration and branding of the venue and the cool atmosphere which prepared them for the entrance of their favorite show hosts, Mr. Macaroni and Kiekie whose real names are Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori.




Guests and fans of Big Wiz were in High expectations of the fun-filled experience they signed for the night when Popular skit maker cum musician, Oderhohwo Joseph Efe, famously called Carter Efe and Berri Tiga sang their trendy song, Machala, a blend of Afro-fusion. The song is widely attributed to be an anthem in honour of the superstar singer, Wizkid.




Afterwards, Landmark was thrown into a frenzy as Big Wiz, the biggest act of the night was ushered on stage. Interestingly, the entrance of Big Wiz was a barrier breaker and line crosser as those in the regular, VIP, and VVIP stands all melted into unison to the scintillating performance of the music superstar as he took everyone down memory lane starting from his evergreen debut singles to the newest and fresh contemporary songs. And guess what? Wizkid surprised everyone and added a juicy flavour to the event by doing a collaboration with the popular act, Naira Marley.




Truth be told, the 2022 edition of "#DecemberIssaVybe" by FirstBank goes beyond excitement but birthed memories that will be hard to fade off attendees' minds for many years. 




The bank’s dedication to going beyond functional products and benefits for its stakeholders and providing these types of enabling experiences sets it apart in the industry and solidifies its position as a leader in not just directly supporting the arts and entertainment industry but economically impacting its value chain. 




Anyone not following the Bank is surely on a long thing but hey, it is never too late as there are still many excitements the Bank creates on its social media ecosystem via @firstbanknigeria (Instagram); @FirstBankngr (Twitter) and First Bank of Nigeria Limited (Facebook). 




2023 will surely be another back-to-back hit as the financial giant creates more memorable fun for its customers and followers.










* Except Nigerians Pray and work it out, Most Prefer candidate wil lose


* 2023 is the Year of the Spirit, when you have the spirit of God you shall overshadow everywhere


A Popular clergy and Lead Pastor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City Dr Chris Okafor has given his Prophesy for the Year 2023,  According to the Televangelist  Man of God,  his 2023 Prophecy will.come in batches and as directed by the Holy spirit.


During the Cross over to Take over Prophetic Service at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation in Ojodu Lagos Nigeria,  The Accurate Prophet of our Time declared that God reveals to him that, the Person that will win the forth coming Presidential Election in Nigeria, is the Person  most hatred by Nigerians,  The man of God who.was speaking in Parable said the Most love candidate by Nigerians will lose the election because Nigerians particularly the christians are not doing enough,  Nigerians are not praying enough for this candidate to be victorious,  also they are not working it out to ensure his victory,  Many christians still did not want to.participate in election process,  even many did not registered not to talk of having PVC Which will allow Voting for the right candidate,  nobody can win election through the Online..


Speaking on what many should  expect in 2023,  The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said the year 2023 is a year of the spirit,  he said as you serve your God with clean heart and take part in Kingdom Committment,  Holy spirit will overshadow you in all Area of your life and Grace will speak for you.


In his sermon with the theme, "How You Can be Overshadowed by the Holy Ghost",  The Generational Prophet of God emphasised that when you have the Holy Ghost upon your life certain things give way,  because the joy of the Lord is upon you and many thing begins to listen to you


Grace is what you are not born with but is manifesting in your life through the Holy Spirit,  therefore to be Overshadow by the Holy Spirit, Grace must be upon you and you must be a dweller of his Presence


The Mighty hand of God move as before through Gods servant The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor as the church began 2023 Prophetic Journey of faith, misery were demystified and evil altars keeping people were exposed, the evil one trying to renew evil convenant of People were all exposed as all their evil plan destroyed and scattered


The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor used the occasion to welcome everyone to the New year 2023 as he challenged all to continue to pray for Nigeria as the Nation is preparing to enter election Period


We welcome all our Readers to the Year 2023,  We will continue to give you the best of information....