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Famous Prophetic Man of God better known with Fire brand Prophetic Declaration with accuracy, Prophet Asare Osei Tutu is ready to Cross faithfuls and every one from there Egypt to the Promise land in 2023.


The Lead Prophet of Miracle Gate Foundation (ministry) Accra Ghana whose many accurate Prophecy has come to past, which include a total black out in Zimbabwe among many other that came to.pass  will be ministering  Live through the powerful words of God via his various  Online Platforms, 


Prophet Asare known for his fire brand ministration that have continue to depopulate the kingdom of Darkness making the kingdom of God popular says no Carry over by all his faithfuls and everyone God has directed to be part of the Live Broadcast,  


God has directed me to carry his people to the Land of Prosperity,  where you can never find poverty,  where sickness have not way, where breakthrough is available, where there is no barrenness and where evil altars cannot operate,  therefore am inviting you all to Please  join me through our verified WhatsApp,  instagram and YouTube platforms,  join me Prophet Asari Osei tutu let us fly together with the Eagles wings to a better 2023, , Shalom








Primate Elijah Ayodele is not just a prophet for Nigeria, He is a prophet for the whole world. This has been proven countless times with his prophecies concerning other continents and how they have come to pass. 


In his 2023 prophecies which were released on Friday, 23rd Of December, 2022, the man of God gave some prophecies concerning North Korea, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Serbia and they have started coming to pass already.


Yesterday, there was tension in the South Korea-North Korea region after the former sent drones to the later which was a reaction to North Korea's actions.


In his 2023 prophecies, Primate Ayodele categorically stated that there will be tension in the region as he foresees missiles being fired in he region. The tension being experienced in the region has fulfilled the Prophecy of Primate Ayodele.


In Serbia, there is serious crisis as the president has revealed that the country may be attacked and may lead to a war situation. This has led to roadblocks being put at the country's borders in preparation for the attacks. Primate Ayodele in his annual prophecy book made it known that there will be a state of confusion and serious challenges in the country.


China and Taiwan are also having their crisis at the moment. China was reported to have sent about 71 warplanes and 7 chips towards Taiwan in 24 hours.


Primate Ayodele had sometime this year warned world leaders to pay attention to China-Taiwan as he foresees an uprising in the region. Again in his 2023 prophecies, He mentioned that there will be crisis in the region, this has also been fulfilled.

Benin fans were treated to best musical concert to have been hosted in the past…




The National Head of NBM of Africa Omooba Kehinde Akanimodo on behalf of NBM of Africa Worldwide has condemned the killing of a Lagos based female lawyer Bolanle Raheem by a Police Officer while she was returning with her family from Christmas  celebration outing.

NBM of Africa through his National Head at press briefing in lagos called on the Inspector General of Police to commence immediate investigation of the incidence which the organisation tagged murder.


The organisation reiterated the need for proper training of police officers to avoid incidence of this nature.  In the words of the National Head of NBM, 


'NBM is an organisation founded on principles of  Equality and Social Justice hence can not be quiet in the face of police brutality.'







...Dr. Ayeni Conferment As Asiwaju Of Erukucity, wife Yeye Atunluse


...Dr. Kenni Obateru Conferment As Otunba Of Erukucity


... Dr. Taye Obateru Conferment As Bobagunwa Of Erukucity




Tuesday, December 27, was etched in the history of Erukucity for a very long time.


This is because it was the day that the Owa of Eruku Oba Busari Ayinde Olarewaju Amuludunloye1, conferred the title of Asiwaju of Erukucity, Otunba of Erukucity, and Bobagunwa of Erukucity on Dr. Ayeni, Dr. Kenni Obateru,and Dr. Taye Obateru.


Indeed, on that day, endless blessings flowed, as the town was agog with activities.


The one-day event was incomparable to anything that had been seen in the state and the entire community, as mouths were left agape by the display of wealth, opulence and taste.


Kicking off with Ankara Night Carnival on Monday, December 26, guests were treated to a night of dance music.


If the Ankara Night Carnival who commemorates with Owa of Eruku at 10th anniversary was for the young at heart, the second day which saw guests hosted to a memorable Night was something else, as a blend of adults and youths enjoyed themselves to traditional old school music.




The climax of the event was on Tuesday, December 27. Guests witnessed a show stopper event with people from all works of life in attendance.




Kicking off at 10: AM, the palatial marquee, the venue of the event stood tall at the Proposed of Owa's palace. Indeed, it was a sight to behold as it was tastefully designed with drapes of delicate fabrics, chill air conditions, metal detectors, and what have you.




Indeed, such a marquee had never been spotted in the history of the town, as a lot of people confessed.


While the massive marquee served as the venue of the event, a smaller one was made available for the comfort of food vendors. It was indeed mind-blowing.




As expected, inside the marquee was a gathering of who-is-who, as almost all the important personalities in the southwest, Ekiti Local Government Kwara state and Kwara metropolis at large were in attendance.


Present at the event were notables such as  HRH Oba Saliu Abdulkareem Abasofegbe Arowobeku 1 The Olosi of Is Chairman Ekiti LGA Traditional Council, Oloke Opin of Oke Opin, Owa Lobo of Obo Ayegunle, Olu of Oran-Ayegbaji, Olola of Ola kingdom, Olupo of Ajase-Ipo, Olukoro of Koro. Hon. Kehinde Boyede Ekiti Local Government Chairman representing the Kwara State Governor, many more.



Others at the event were Oba Opada, Chief Dipo Aina, Former Commissioner for Insurance, Fola Daniel, EPU President, Shola Daniel, former EPU publicity secretary, Adedeji Ajibade, Otunba Taiwo Joseph, ACP Toyin Afolaogun, Engr. Harry Ilori, Rotimi Afolaogun, Inspector Toyin Ogundele, Abel Durowaye, Abayomi Eleregbe, all amicable club among others.


Music was supplied by Toyin Idowu known as Toyin Dollar by his stage name ensured that guests dance into the evening, as he dished out both old and new songs to the amazement of guests present.




Presenting certificate of chieftaincy title to the newly installed Asiwaju of Erukucity, Dr. Oluwafemi Ayeni, Otunba of Erukucity, Dr. Kenni Obateru, Bobagunwa of Erukucity, Dr. Taye Obateru


Owa of Erukucity, Oba Busari described  both as brave successful businessmen/professionals whose their philanthropic gestures can’t be overemphasized.


Indeed, history will remember Dr. Ayeni, Dr. Kenni, and Dr. Taye Obateru for a long time to come.


Seun BethNews Media reporting live from Erukucity.








The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele is no doubt one of the realest men of God we have in Africa. A prophet with a unique style, his prophecies come to pass almost immediately after he releases them.


Five days ago, Primate Ayodele released his prophecies for 2023 in a 78-page document that contains warnings to every nation in the world and every sector of the nation. He captured the politics, education, sports, security, business, and economy sectors of nations in the prophetic revelation.


It is surprising that in just five days, some of the prophecies have started coming to pass and we are not even in 2023 yet. 24 hours after its release, about three prophecies were noted to have come to pass from the 2023 prophecies of the man of God.


It’s just the fifth day of the release yet more prophecies have come to pass already.


One of them is the military plane crash that happened in Niger yesterday. Primate Ayodele on Page 15 of the prophecy book said that there will be a plane crash in Africa. The military plane crash fulfilled the prophecy of the man of God.


Another is the death of popular nollywood actor, Sir K Kamoru who is the father of popular skit maker, Isbaeu this morning. Primate Ayodele in his prophecy for 2023 made it known that some entertainers including nollywood actors will lose their lives.


Also, countries have been experiencing heavy snow that has led to the death of several and injuries of many. Primate Ayodele in his prophecy for 2023 revealed that there will be more snow in some countries than usual. This has also been fulfilled.












A true father believes in his sons, and gets the best out of them. He gets the best out of them because he treats them the best. This is one of Jesus Christ's main priorities. He was not about building His own ministry, but building His apostles. That is what the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s general overseer, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, truly represents.



On Thursday, December 22nd, 2022, the globally respected man of God paid a call on the founder of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman at his ministry’s headquarters in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. Of course, the visit was not a surprising one, but it was surprising in the sense that the servant of God ultimately disappointed doubters by his visit.



Pastor Adeboye has worked diligently all his life to see the life of God manifested in others, particularly his sons and daughters in the Lord. This he has sealed with his visit to Suleman, who is not just one of his spiritual children but someone he has shown he has deep and intimate affection for.



The role of a spiritual father is to bring up a son spiritually, Suleman had said of Pastor Adeboye’s impact on his spiritual life. Originally, he was loyal to the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa through whom he received divine call to minister, however, Suleman had his life transformed in 1992 after he had an opportunity to hear Adeboye preach. “My mentality changed after I listened to Pastor Adeboye’s ministration and miracles,” Suleman confessed.  His story changed ever since as he declared that he further became nurtured by Pastor Adeboye’s outpour of spiritual knowledge, understanding, wisdom, counsel and eventually, his blessing.



The visit and blessing by Pastor Adeboye, according to Apostle Suleman who first visited the man of God at RCCG headquarters in Lagos in October 2017, is a big victory for him and his ministry. Jesus Christ, he notes, believed in the ones who no one else believed in, a quality that Adeboye symbolizes in the life of his spiritual sons and daughters because of his character and Christ-likeness.



“Papa Adeboye is everything Jesus-like; he treats his spiritual children as though they are more mature than they really are. He cares greatly about the spiritual needs of his children and he invests time into them according to the will of God and in the proper timing of God,” declares Suleman who alongside his wife, Mrs. Lizzy Suleman, received the RCCG leader to a rousing reception.










... Appeals to Nigerians to maintain Peace and unity


On Holy Month of Christmas celebrations, popular Lagos Prophet, Genesis has officially beseeched all Christians faithful within Nigeria and outside the country to pray for peaceful coexistence and unusual Harmony among Christians and other religions in Nigeria at large.




In a statement personally signed by his media aide, Oluwaseun Fabiyi said, Christmas Celebrations according to the teaching of scripture is a special and very important month for all Christians faithful globally to reflect and be in a joyous mode for the Celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ as it's a period of fervent prayer of all our supplication for immediate assent by God, it is also a season/period of generousity to our neighbors especially the less privileges in the society so that we can received our blessings in multiples.




Let's us all commit to the spirit and teaching/ preaching peace, love and unity as we continue to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.




"On this note, I want to specially congratulate His Excellency, Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu  for seen the beginning of this year in a progressing, developing and fulfilling state of his administration, may the blessing of this season remodel and reenergize as you celebrate the end of 2022 and propel your government a remarkable and successful tenure".




I also extends my Christmas greetings to all Genesis Global worldwide and members of Genesis Global Alakuko and its jurisdictions.


Lastly, I therefore pray, may this year Christmas season greetings ushers us to a peaceful and securing nation, economic and sociopolitical prosperity, come 2023. Amen.


Oluwaseun Fabiyi media aide to Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe 'Genesis'








The Lead Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation City Dr Chris Okafor has send his warn Greeting to christians across to globe as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the saviour of the world


The Man of God who join the rest of the world to celebrates this important day challenged Christians particularly in Nigeria to use the opportunity to pray for the survival of Democracy in the country as the nation is set to move from one democratical Government to the other  


The Generational prophet of God as he is fondly called by faithful also remarked that the birth of Jesus christ signal the beginning of hope as he describe the (Nation) Nigeria as a country with great future and hope therefore challenged Nigerians to.make good use of the opportunity God has given us,  Nigeria is blessed with all what the nation needs to be giant of Africa but we need divine wisdom and knowledge on Leadership, Our leaders has done there best but there is still room for improvement..Moreover as a dedicated citizen of this great Country, We also need to do our part and as a christian, our responsibility is to pray for divine intervention by God, Dr Chris Okafor Concluded.