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He is arguably Nigeria's most controversial Governor. He leads a cult group of loyal politicians who believed in his political ideologies.


The jovial and lovable Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has reincarnated in one of the little but politically conscious town in Ekiti, a South Westerner State of Nigeria.


The "as e dey pain dem, e dey sweet us, as e dey sweet us, e dey pain dem" crooner, now has a 'carbon copy' of him in Ekiti. A reporter of in Ekiti State who met the young man whose name is Oluwaseun Omoyeni said; Mr. Omoyeni has adopted the name 'Wike of Ekiti'. Speaking to reporter, Omoyeni said; "I adopted the name Wike of Ekiti out of my admiration for Gov. Wike. My ambition is to meet him and present him an award of Mr. Project of Nigeria and the best "Outspoken Governor" of this dispensation." 


"I have been admiring Gov. Wike since he became a voice in People's Democratic Party, PDP. He is outspoken and fearless yet loved by his people.


"In our town, people do call me Wike Ekiti because they can observe his traits in me. So, one day, maybe if God wills, very soon I will meet him one on one."


A maverick and a good dresser, 'wicked Wike' as Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, used to call him now has his carbon copy in Ekiti.







December 2022 accorded a firsthand experience of how lots of Nigerians fall cheaply into the hands of avoidable deaths.


While it could be said that, what humans worship  or what they consider a supreme being; through their religious inclinations,it must be noted that, religion shouldn't take away sound reasoning.


 I embarked on a journey during the Yuletide,but had to rush back after 3 days, owing to certain urgent media assignments awaiting me in Lagos. While in transit, I had a somewhat sharp pain and continuous stomach arches that got me vomit over and over again.


At this point, while many would think resorting to only prayers would do, I had to explore immediate first aids, took some water and prayed to be sustained back to Lagos from a journey that should last 9 hours.


One must say that the human anatomy is such that is complexly wired by nature;to be able to communicate defects and faults;like machines.  In the event that such faults are detected,it behoves on individuals to proffer  immediate solutions, to avoid  total breakdown of the body system.


I got to Lagos and landed in General hospital, Ifako Ijaiye,where I was diagnosed and placed on admission.  As a matter of fact,I  "crossed over'' into 2023 on sick bed.


The intent of this piece, is not to bore you with my health predicaments during the Yuletide, but to bring to bare, how many Nigerians lose their lives, as result of sheer ignorance, overtly  religious leanings and   being unnecessarily 'over-spiritual' in health matters. 


My first disappointment at the hospital came, when a family brought in their 23 year-old son unconscious, with  less than 18% blood level.


The young man,who is said to have just won a scholarship,to study overseas needed just 3-4 pints of blood transfused to his body,in order to regain consciousness. 


However,his parents rejected the doctors' diagnosis and prescriptions. To my utmost bewilderment,they opted to go only spiritual,saying they prefer taking their son to their church's ''Prayer Ground;'' along Lagos-Ibadan expressway.  


While battling with my own pains, I imagined the great disservice this parents are doing their son, considering the enormous gridlock along that axis, especially that day being the 30th of December. I mumbled within me "why not yield to Doctor's instructions as first aids;and then follow-up with prayers thereafter?"


Well, to the astonishment of everyone, they drove away, only to return very shortly with their son's corpse. He couldn't make it to the prayer ground. He was confirmed dead after doctor's examination.


Both parents ended up cutting short the life of their son; because of sheer ignorance, and or stupidity.


In a sadly related encounter, a woman of about 45 years came  complaining of going through some pains in her body. She was subsequently asked to run a test of just 28 thousand naira,but she  grumbled all day long that the money was to outrageous. She also prefers to visit prayer ground,for her health predicament. 


In defiance to medical suggestions, she murmured while walking up and down, but suddenly, she fell into coma and couldn't survive it,as she was confirmed dead. 


The most annoying and traumatizing was that, N80,000 cash was untied from her wrapper by her husband, who claimed she just took her monthly contributions. What ignorance! 


I watched again,as a young lady of about 36 years-old slipped into coma. She claimed she mistakenly got pregnant by her husband just not too long after she had a child through Cesarean Section.


 The news of a possible complications and related challenges landed her into this life threatening condition. Wouldn't she have known better? Wouldn't she have been educated on child spacing, family planning and other related issues?  Yet another show of ignorance! 


Many would want to sell the belief that,no amount of caution and carefulness would save from death,but it is wisdom,to refuse to be cajoled into living recklessly.  


In another sad encounter, a rich man was diagnosed of been poisoned through drinks. When asked by the Doctor,he confirmed his driver bought him a soft drink a few hour to the time.


In a fight for his life,the man pleaded that the Doctors help save his life. Meanwhile,he said he had over 5 million naira in his car booth, which he and the driver just collected that night, thinking after public holidays he would have it deposited into the bank.


While doctors were making frantic efforts to resuscitate him,the man abruptly gave up the ghost.


There were many cases of unfortunate deaths;through ignorance and 'over-spiritualism' witnessed,but this few cases should be enough, to enlighten Nigerians that,no religion is against seeking medicare,as the wisdom in medicine is given by God Himself.  


One can only hope and pray that Nigerians learn from these mistakes.







It was glitz and glamour as the premier and leading financial institution in the country, FirstBank thrilled their customer to a memorable "DecemberIssaVybe" at the just concluded Vibe on the Beach, featuring sensational music act, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun widely known as Big Wiz. The timing of the concert was right, having had Asake and Kiss Daniel’s concert precede that of the grammy award winning music sensation.




DecemberIssaVybe is not just about music but fun, fun and fun in its entirety, from stage plays to art and culture… the list comprised Culturati to Beeta Arts Festival Abuja, Koffi Tha Guru Unorthodox, Duke of Shomolu Production’s Encore, Our Duke Has Gone Mad Again and Ufok Iban.




Others supported by the Bank include; Joromi: The Musical Concert; Osamede, Awo and Ufok Iban by Duke of Shomolu Productions.




So back to the main gist... tell me who does not love gist, especially when it comes to Big Wiz. 




Vibes on The Beach was held at Landmark Beach Oniru, Lagos on Friday, December 30th, 2022. It was unarguably an amazing night of fun and nothing but a star-studded show which exploded the audience to the height of ecstasy and rhythm of bliss courtesy of FirstBank.




With the kick time slated for 6 pm, the environs of Oniru were a beehive of activities as thousands thronged Landmark to be a partaker of the grandest Lagos concert of the year.




The organizational skills of the organizers and sponsors were nothing short of perfection as Landmark was transfigured into a haven of an international center, divided into regular, VIP, and VVIP.




Of a truth, the attendees who cut across individuals, friends, family members who came for reunions, and lovers were all smiles as they passed through the passage of entrance branded with FirstBank, the only financial brand which has provided them the opportunity and platform for yet another memorable homecoming experience with their idol, Wizkid. 




Those at the regulars, VIPs, and VVIPs stands were mesmerized by the decoration and branding of the venue and the cool atmosphere which prepared them for the entrance of their favorite show hosts, Mr. Macaroni and Kiekie whose real names are Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori.




Guests and fans of Big Wiz were in High expectations of the fun-filled experience they signed for the night when Popular skit maker cum musician, Oderhohwo Joseph Efe, famously called Carter Efe and Berri Tiga sang their trendy song, Machala, a blend of Afro-fusion. The song is widely attributed to be an anthem in honour of the superstar singer, Wizkid.




Afterwards, Landmark was thrown into a frenzy as Big Wiz, the biggest act of the night was ushered on stage. Interestingly, the entrance of Big Wiz was a barrier breaker and line crosser as those in the regular, VIP, and VVIP stands all melted into unison to the scintillating performance of the music superstar as he took everyone down memory lane starting from his evergreen debut singles to the newest and fresh contemporary songs. And guess what? Wizkid surprised everyone and added a juicy flavour to the event by doing a collaboration with the popular act, Naira Marley.




Truth be told, the 2022 edition of "#DecemberIssaVybe" by FirstBank goes beyond excitement but birthed memories that will be hard to fade off attendees' minds for many years. 




The bank’s dedication to going beyond functional products and benefits for its stakeholders and providing these types of enabling experiences sets it apart in the industry and solidifies its position as a leader in not just directly supporting the arts and entertainment industry but economically impacting its value chain. 




Anyone not following the Bank is surely on a long thing but hey, it is never too late as there are still many excitements the Bank creates on its social media ecosystem via @firstbanknigeria (Instagram); @FirstBankngr (Twitter) and First Bank of Nigeria Limited (Facebook). 




2023 will surely be another back-to-back hit as the financial giant creates more memorable fun for its customers and followers.









The senate president of Nigeria, senator Ahmed Lawan is not in his best time following some issues with the administration capable of throwing him out unceremoniously as the distinguished senate president of the country.


Earlier this week, some senators of the opposition parties staged a walk-out at the national assembly after the senate president resisted an attempt to begin an impeachment process against President Muhammadu Buhari over rising insecurity and economic challenges that have befallen the country.


As a result of his resistance, the senators threatened to impeach the senate president if he fails to cooperate with them as some senators of the ruling party have also joined the opposition to ensure the impeachment process begins.


One would have thought their threat is empty until news reports from reliable sources yesterday had it that about 12 APC senators have submitted their defection letters to the senate president but fears of him being impeached have led to him not reading the letters on the senate ground.


If the letters is read, the ruling party will lose a majority in the house which automatically means the seat of the senate president is not safe anymore.


Meanwhile, popular Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele had warned as far back as 2019 that Senate president, Ahmed Lawan will be faced with impeachment threat.


‘‘If Lawan isn’t sitting well, he will be impeached, same as Gbajabiamila, let them be very careful and focused, they are sitting on a hot seat and must do things to make people happy because I am seeing people using them as a rubber stamp, they should be careful of plans to impeach them’’ (


It is worthy of note that Primate Ayodele made this prophetic statement when there was no situation on ground that pointed to an impeachment threat for the senate president. Three years after he made the warning, the senate president isn’t sure of his future as the senate president of Nigeria.


No doubt, if care isn’t taken, the prophecy will be fulfilled and the senate president will end up being impeached.

Monday, 20 July 2020 00:00

Oke-Oroma Community, Called For Justice.

Written by

By Akpomejero Friday

The People of Oke-Oroma community in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State have appealed to the state government and other concerned authorities to rescue them from an incessant attack they alleged carried out on them by Amagba community.

In a visit to the community, it was observed that recent attack on the community resulted in burning down of over 15 vehicles and numerous buildings in the community estimated at millions of naira. 

Though nomalcy is returning to the community as commercial activities are gradually picking up, it was learnt that it took the effort of Oba of Benin, Ewuare II, to order stationing of a military checkpoint before the last attack on the community was checkmated.

Speaking to newsmen round the damaged property in an inception, Pa Richard Emokpae, Acting Odiowere of the community, said they were going about their normal bu

 on the 20th of February this year when people he alleged to have come from Amagba in Oredo LGA of the state attacked them.

He noted that though land dispute between Amagba and Oke-Oroma started year 2012, the then Oba Erediauwa settled the dispute by declaring that Amagba land does not extend to the community, and that he warned them not to trespass yet they have continue to attack them, stressing that the attack occured even in 2017.

The Acting Odiowere added that the Oba then declared that Oke-Oroma is an autonomous community and that Amagba and other neighbouring communities land does not extend beyond Oroma river (the land boundary) yet they have turned deaf hear to the declaration and attack them over the land.

" From time in memorial, Oke-Oroma community has never been under any community; our community is an autonomous community, and we have a natural boundary which is Oroma river. Oroma river is the natural boundary between our community and Amagba. 

" But unfortunately Amagba came to invade us, and in the process many structures were destroyed while vehicles were burnt. The Oba of Benin has once again declared that Amagba does not own any land across the river, but the Invaders are not at rest, they do come to invade us every day, and we have lost several people in the battle. 

" This recent attack one took place on the 20th of February this year. 

The attack lasted for more than two weeks.They were shooting indiscriminately that many of us ran into the bush and spent days there," the Acting Odiowere said.

Also speaking to newsmen, one of the victims of the attack, Mr. Monday Imagbenikaro said he was in the morning that faithful day with his family when he started hearing gunshots and some men came to his house and shot indiscriminately,  killing his four foreign dogs and left.

He added that they came for the second time and pulled his gate down after which they damaged his property in the premises including his three cars, just as he stressed that they came for the third time and forced themselves into the building and brought out him and shot him on the legs without asking any question."

" My wife came back home to tell me that some police men at the river side said to her and the driver to go back, and that there was a crisis in the community and they want to settle it. I then said if that should be the case we should lock ourselves inside. As we just did that, the next thing, I started hearing gunshots. Before I knew what was happening, they came to my house and shot all my dogs; they fell my gate,  and left. 

" As they left, I thought it was over, so I came out but saw a lot of people in the community with guns, I then said within myself it was not over yet, I then went inside again. After some hours, they came again, entered my house, damaged things including my 3 cars, and they were even arguing if they should set fire on my generator, but someone said it was not yet time for that, but they must destroy something, and they destroyed everything and left again.

" The third time again they came at about 6pm and started banging on my main door. They forced themselves in and brought me out. Without asking any question, they first shot me on my two legs and I was on the floor. A guy brought out pump action and was about shooting me when I started pleading that my wife is pregnant and that they should allow me see my inborn baby. 

" They brought my wife out and saw her. But one said they should kill me, the man that brought my wife out however said this man said his wife is pregnant and he wants to see his unborn baby, you still want to kill him, please let him be. They there after brought out my driver, and I started pleading that he is my driver that they shouldn't kill him. And that was how they ordered him to take me to hospital, and that no one else will touch us, and that was how myself and the entire family left.

According to him, when all this was going, they questioned him why he didn't buy land from Amagba community but Oke-Oroma, and that Amagba owns the community and the land therein.

" But before they ordered my driver to take me to hospital, They  questioned me why did I not buy land from Amagba but Oke-Oroma, that I suppose not to buy land from the community but Amagba, and that Amagba owns the community. 

Effort to take Amagba's reaction proved abortive as one of the community leaders who ought to speak to our correspondent said on phone that he was in Lagos and that he cannot say anything as regards the allegation via phone.