Breaking: Trans-generational altars,Bloodline Diseases , Stroke and Fibroid disappear as London Mighty Visitation Ends


….it is a season of Breaking forth – Okafor

The 3 day Prophetic London Mighty Visitation conference has come to an end with Great and Mighty Deliverance and Testimonies.

The conference which began with Great expectations had met the yearning of all Participants at the conference.

Deliverance, Healing, Prophecy, Miracles and Solutions climax the conference which was well attended by Participants across the world particularly in Europe while many join online and through the Annoited TV channel, Liberation TV.

Preaching on the Theme of the conference Mighty Visitation with special focus on the case study “When God Visits” The Generational Prophet of God and The Senior Pastor Grace Nation worldwide Dr Chris Okafor said The Mighty Visitation comes with an oil that moves people forward.

The Man of God said when elohim visit, he comes with Mighty Visitation that terminates any kind of affliction or battles, he reiterates that when God visits, the results you will see will terminate insult, thereby creating an avenue for more Breakthrough to be recorded.

The Generational Prophet of God also confirmed that everyone who took their time to attend the 3 days Prophetic conference will have evidence to show for attending because God has visited them and there families for Testimonies.

Trans-generational altars keeping people bound from attaining greatness were cast out by God Servant, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor during the realms of the Prophetic, also bloodline diseases, altars of barrenness all bow out, illegal captives were all set free, A man who has been down with stroke for close to two year, got his deliverance after he was prayed for, he can walk with his two legs without assistant right at the venue of the conference, all these heavy miracles and deliverance are all dedicated to the Glory of God said the Man of God.

The Mighty Visitation conference train moves to other European countries next month, People in Spain,Germany and the rest Get ready, The Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor is coming and your Life will never remain the same….

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