Don’t use Benin Kingdom to catch cruise…..Aria-Oba-bho warns


Renowned for his dogged vocal power on issues pertaining to Edo State, Comrade Osaze Kabaka popularly know as Enogie Kapuepue has come out to render a warning note to hypocrites and psycophants whose stock in trade is to use the good name orchestrated by past distinguished sons and daughters of the great Bini kingdom to catch cruise to desist from such act as any attempt to ignore the warnings will not be taken lightly

The group Also known as Ariaobaebho, Comrade Osaze Kabaka stated this recently after discovering that some unscrupulous elements are just illegally skilled in tarnishing the image of the Bini kingdom by using it’s excellent global perception to protect their nefarious brands. Comrade Osaze Kabaka stated further that ever since the creation of Edo State on the 27th of August, 1991 by the General Ibrahim Babangida administration. He opined that since that year, Edo State has produced magnificently outstanding and distinguished personalities both male and female who have served not only the state but the entire Nigeria meritoriously.

According to Comrade Osaze Kabaka, it is sad to realize that some bad eggs from the state are hellbent in using the good name to catch cruise all for their own personal and selfish benefits. The good people of Edo State have built a sort of tremendous image for their land both nationally and internationally; hence, no individual or group will be allowed to disrepute the state’s image or hide under her identity to be engaged in frivolous acts and unwarranted attributes.

Recall that Comrade Osaze Kabaka Adun is a formidable force in the polity and politics of Edo State as well as a vocal power in the democratic happenings in the state having confronted several administration on the ways and manners they run the affairs of the state. He is a dogged fighter against human degradation, intimidation and a combat force against maladministration in Edo State.

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