Grace Nation PHDS: Prayer and Fasting Sets Your Spirit on Fire – Dr Chris Okafor


….. Night of Exodus Part 2 with Theme Night Of The Spirit to hold February 23rd 2024

Holy Ghost fire has the ability to Consume what manner of Bondage or Challenges facing the child of God once you are a carrier of Fire.

Speaking Earlier before opening Prophet fire at the Prophetic, Healing, Deliverance and Solution Midweek service of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City held at the international Headquarters of the Church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide Dr Chris Okafor who Preach on the subject “Power of fire” said when Holy Ghost fire is upon a man, he is highly Anoited to conquered any kind of battles.

The Generational Prophet of God also remarks that when a Christian is on fire, he or she cannot be touched or messed up by the devil, such person stay above board for any satanic attacks.

The Man of God said Fire is the act of the spirit, therefore How does it work?, You must be a carrier through Prayers, fasting and commitment to the things of God to carry Holy Ghost fire, Because when you are on fire anything happen, The Apostle of altars also reaffirms that fire has the abilities for Restoration.He said unusual speed comes into a Man that carriers Holy Ghost Fire.

The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor continue that for you to carry Holy Ghost fire, you must be a true Christian with evidence of Purity, your hand and heart must be Pure, very clean, your Actions and activities must emulates Jesus Christ, you must follow his footsteps to the latter, to carry fire.

In conclusion the Generational Prophet of God added that to know how powerful the Holy Ghost fire is, it has the abilities to collapse altars and brings back people inheritance, therefore to carry such Power you Must be a dedicated child of God, who gives Priority to the things of God without looking back.

The realms of the Prophetic witness Holy Ghost visitation, inherited battles gives way, bloodline diseases disappear, fibroid melt out instantly as the Man of God speaks the word, Miracle babies were also released to awaiting mother’s.

Meanwhile the International Night of Prophecy and Solution, Night of Exodus Part 2, with Theme Night Of The Spirit is coming up on Friday 23rd February 2024 at Grace Nation international Plot 9-12 Oshofisan off Odozie street by Ereke Bus stop Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, Time is 8pm till you breakthrough, Come with your family and your love one. your life will never remain the same as you attend.

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