Group Urges Individuals, Corporate Institutions To Firm-Up Security Measures



An International Security handling Company has called on Nigerians to be proactive ahead of potential and possible attacks from desperate elements aiming to circumvent the present economic downturn, who are constantly scheming to violently steal from the earnings of hardworking people and those trying to create panic from dastardly acts across the country.

The call was made by Ambassador Adedoyin Oyinkansola, a Security Expert and the MD/CEO of Majinfotek Nigeria and Overseas, during a special training programme to a group of Security Experts on the Theme; ‘Majinfotek Security Applications’ produced by the company to handle a wide range of security challenges for individuals and corporate entities in Nigeria.

According to Ambassador Oyinkansola, “The present economic downturn throws up a lot security challenges from undesirable elements who due to the desperation to survive or maintain a false lifestyle are criminally bent to kill, maim, kidnap, steal, do rituals, rape, disrupt societal peace and many other deadly acts against peace loving people in the community.’

She averred that our schools and religious places of worship ought to be given more attention, especially now that schools are resuming back, advocating that each school through the PTA’s should collaborate to give each school a fortified security architecture, which the security experts trained by her company will be able to provide, with all the technical assistance needed.

The goal of the training according to Ambassador Oyinkansola, “to transmit our vision of providing tailor made security arrangements to every market we serve,” stressing that security challenges are sometimes peculiar to individual corporate institution, requiring tailor made security architecture that will suit the environment they operate in.

She added, “through these trainees going to places across the country we hope to deliver higher standard security solutions, providing peace of mind for Nigerians, as well as providing professional monitoring and follow up services for those who engage them to mitigate emerging security challenges for Nigerians and the operational environments they find themselves.’

As a full scale security organisation, Oyinkansola explained that aside the training and security services, it is also engaged in the production of analogue and wireless CCTV cameras in quantities that will meet supply needs of individuals, corporate organisations and governments at levels in the Country.

Chief Idris-Shonuga Oluwasheun, Chairman, Majinfotek Nigeria, reiterated that to win the war against insecurity in the country, especially terrorism, kidnapping, armed-robbery, vandalism, among others, investment in technology is critical in reducing the crimes.

According to him, terrorism has become a big threat in many countries, stating, “we have in-built technology that can help detect some suspicious behaviour, even at a very long distance.”

Adding, “For example, if somebody is leaving a bag with maybe a bomb in it, we have cameras that can see the person that is leaving the luggage behind. The camera automatically gives an alarm to tell the control room to check out the bag before something happens. We have cameras with Intelligence Video Analytic (IVA), which analyse pictures, and gives alarm. Whenever you install surveillance cameras in cities, the crime rate goes down drastically, you scare away criminals.”

Oluwasheun stressed that national security is equal to national prosperity, adding that 21st century security has gone beyond only physical manning of checkpoints by security personnel to the use of majinfotek equipment.

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