How Primate Ayodele Prophecies On Election Tribunals Are Coming To Pass By Ismail Bango, Bauchi



As much as I hate to admit it because of my faith and religious affiliations, Primate Ayodele is one prophet who has continued to raise the bar in the prophetic realm. I can’t answer if he is real or fake but one thing I am certain about is that his prophecies always come to pass.

Before now, I had always seen publications hailing Primate Ayodele daily for predicting an event that happened in different sectors and sincerely, I didn’t buy it because I felt the prophet was the one sponsoring those publications but now that I know better, I think there are some truths in those publications.

The last presidential election was the turning point for me regarding Primate Ayodele, the outcome of the election in relation to his prophecies gave me an insight into the correctness and accuracy of his prophecies. I read in different publications how he warned the opposition parties of President Tinubu’s readiness to win the election and how he gave them serious advice that could help them defeat the ruling party. He even went as far as declaring how the results would be in different states and surprisingly, they came to pass.

One thing that struck me immediately after the election was another prophecy of Primate Ayodele saying not all those who got elected would finish their tenure. I was a little bit inquisitive; what would happen to them? Will they die? Will they resign? Will they be sacked by the court? Sincerely, I thought this would not even be anytime soon, I felt it may be towards the end of their tenures or two years into their tenure because it was just too early to think anyone would be removed from his or her political office and of course, I have started building faith in the prophecies of Primate Ayodele so I patiently anticipated.

These were his words

‘’I have warned all Nigerian state governors that not all of them will finish in this government. Some will be incapacitated. I am telling you how it is that, not all the governors will end their term, not all the speakers of the house will end their term, not all the senators that were sworn in will end their term, not all the house of reps will end their terms, I am not wishing anybody bad but it is just a warning.’’

The first blow I got was the death of a lawmaker from Taraba state who was just elected, he died a few weeks after the election to my huge surprise. Immediately I heard the news of his death, I had a flashback to the prophecy of Primate Ayodele saying not all of those who were elected would finish their tenure. It was sad news but another confirmation of Primate Ayodele’s credibility when it comes to prophecy.

Later on, Primate Ayodele made some prophecies regarding the election tribunals for the presidential, governorship, national assembly, and House of Representatives elections. For the president, the religious leader stated categorically that the opposition would not be able to get any favorable judgment. He made special reference to Peter Obi, stating that he could never be president of Nigeria through the court.

His prophecy divided political analysts and followers of the opposition candidates, they called him names but after the tribunal held and thrashed their cases, Primate Ayodele was vindicated.

Now speaking on the lawmakers’ election, it’s as though Primate Ayodele saw their removals from office when he first mentioned after the election that not all of the elected politicians will finish their tenures. Since the election tribunal started sitting, several lawmakers have been sacked, some elections were nullified and a rerun was ordered.

As we speak, nothing less than 15 elected political officers have been removed from elected offices by the election tribunal nationwide, and sadly, the number keeps on increasing as the day passes.

The governorship election tribunal is yet to start giving judgments but just as I believed the other prophecies of Primate Ayodele which have come to pass, I am hopeful that some governors will still be removed.

Till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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