Manchester Mighty Visitation: Dr Chris okafor begins Conference with Mind blowing testimonies..


….The spiritual controls the Physical – Okafor

The much anticipated 3 days Prophetic Program, the Manchester Mighty Visitation Conference has kick off with mind blowing Miracles, Deliverance, Healing and Testimonies all to the Glory of God and to shame the devil and his cohort.

Declaring the 3 days Power Packed Prophetic conference, The Mighty Visitation Open, The President of Grace Nation world-wide and Convener, Chris Okafor world outreach Ministries COWOM, Dr Chris okafor welcome all and sundry to the conference, he said for God to have directed his step to Manchester in the UK, God has a business to do with his People. he declared that God specifically told him to go to Manchester to deliver his people, also confirming that, his Mighty hand will be evidential during the conference and after the conference in the life of his People.

The Generational Prophet of God however challenged faithful to be ready to receive, Grab every Prayers released from the altar and follow all the prayer point and therefore be ready to enjoy total restoration as the conference continue.

Speaking on the theme of the Conference, The Mighty Visitation, Dr Chris okafor said when God visits, everything turn around for Good, when you invite God into your life and business, the hand of the devil will be cut off and all traces of the devil disappear,

The Oracle of God also says, You must understand that the devil is always interested on people with Glory, Satan come after those that possess what many people did not possess, whenever the devil see that you carry what others did not carry, you become his target, he will do anything possible to make you fail at all miss, therefore you must also know that ignorance is a license to bondage, when you seek divine knowledge you put him in bondage too,the Apostle of altar continue that you must first understand what you carry before you know how to tackle the battles, because the spiritual controls the Physical.

The Generational Prophet of God said to enjoy his Mighty hand of God, you must be Committed to the things of God and understand all the principles of greatness and how to recieve and enjoy his Mighty Visitation.

It is also impossible for the devil to torch you without taking permission from God. When you listen to instructions from your spiritual father’s and serve God in truth and in spirit you enjoy his Mighty Visitation and the devil will not have his way over your inheritance, the Man of God remarked.

How to enjoy the Mighty Visitation of God, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor said you must understand God’s Principles and be knowledgeable about the battles you are going through, then when all this is done, you enjoy unlimited Mighty Visitation of Elohim in your home and Businesses.

It was a Miracle galore at the day one of the conference, the Mighty Hand of God came down Powerfully delivery people from foundational battles, profiling Solution to different issues, ranging from sickness, residence permit, death business, Employment opportunities among many others, God also reunited a family at the edge of breakup, while miracle babies were also released.

The Manchester Mighty Visitation Conference continue on Saturday 4th November 2023 at same Venue by 4pm.

The day 2 of the conference will be more brutal says the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor saying God is still in the Business of doing miracles and setting the lawful captives free.

Yours truly be be bringing blow by blow account of the conference as information on folds…

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