One Year On Throne: My Ascension is for Development, Growth of the Youths and repositioning of the traditional and cultural norms, Says Amb. Danmutaqqa


The Sarkin Samarin Yamma of the Seventeen (17) Southern States of Nigeria, Ambassador (Dr) Sanni Salisu Danmutaqqa, has revealed that his ascension to the throne is divine for the development and growth of the Youth, with establishment and repositioning of the traditional and cultural norms amongst the youth populace.

Ambassador Danmutaqqa made this known at the weekend during a Press Conference to mark his First Year Coronation Anniversary at his residence.

The youthful chief gave glory to Allah SWT for the grace to achieve so much in a short period of his reign, promising the youth that they should expect more landmark achievements and laudable feats in the coming months.

He appreciated His Royal Highness, Mallam Dr. Haruna Maiyasin Katsina, Sarkin Sasa and Sardaunan Yamma, who is the Chairman, Council of Arewa Traditional Chiefs in Seventeen (17) Southern States of Nigeria, for finding him worthy on merit to take the title. He as well hail the Royal Fathers and the youths for their inflicting support for him to have a peaceful reign with several development in a short time.

Ambassador Danmutaqqa highlighted some of his achievements so far within one year on the throne, and how he was able to change and re-established the face of the position with the exposure and administrative experience he had before he assumed the title.

‘Before being coronated as the Sarkin Samarin Yamma of the Seventeen (17) Southern States of Nigeria, by His Royal Highness, Mallam Dr. Haruna Maiyasin Katsina, Sarkin Sasa and Sardaunan Yamma, who is the Chairman, Council of Arewa Traditional Chiefs in Seventeen (17) Southern States of Nigeria, so many critics arose with lots of criticisms, pressure and challenges, in order for me not get the title. But to the Glory of Allah, I was blessed and given the title.

When I take up the role of Sarkin Samarin Yamma of the Seventeen (17) Southern States of Nigeria, I was not sure how activities and events would pan out over the following months. All I knew was that I was fully prepared in my vision and determination to make a difference in the lives and well-being of my people’, he recalled

‘I was clear about where I wanted to lead the Youth populace in the Southern States. I had my goals and mapped out, and how I was going to measure our achievements as we progress. At every opportunity I made it clear to everyone what my priorities were; human capacity development of our people, and socio-economic development across our communities’, he added

‘Each time that I talked about this, I make sure to also quickly emphasise that the foundation for achieving these goals is hinged on our ability to unite as a people, and how well we are able to build good relationships with our neighbours’, Danmutaqqa emphaised

The youthful chief looking back in the last one year declared that he was satisfied with the support and cooperation being enjoyed from his subjects, who he said contributed immensely for the successes.

‘I had no insight as to what structure was on ground, nor on the resources that would be available to work with. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly and easily we were able to get everyone that mattered onboard. Indeed, a good product will sell itself, provided people need or want it, and it has features that people can see working’, he stated

‘I am filled with joy and happiness. My people are my support. With the right support, you can surmount any obstacle. This wise saying couldn’t be truer, considering what I experienced since my ascension to the throne as the Sarkin Samarin Yamma of the Seventeen (17) Southern States’, he added

He reiterated that his reign within the period of a year has achieved a lot of important milestones, for which he is proud of, adding that he has confidence that the community can achieve a lot more in the future.

‘We need enormous support for our initiatives, both from home and abroad. My experience over the last 12 months, has confirmed my strong belief that when the conditions are conducive, Nigerians are generally good natured’, he stated

‘Certainly, credit for the successes which we have recorded so far, is due to the good support and contributions that we have received. From people who believe in our vision and trust in our plans, and who have supported us with resources to actualize our programmes’, Danmutaqqa stressed

The youthful chief, however, dedicated all achievements to his subjects, adding that his reign has touched the lives of the people in many positive ways. Notable achievements include community development and social well-being, war against drugs abuse, alternative dispute resolution, mental health advocacy among others.

“I have changed the perceptions of my people that, there is no chief without subjects. I have also change their perception about the traditional institution and cultural norms, and allow my subordinates to always feel free and enjoy themselves so that they will not be scared of telling me the truth.

“Furthermore, I am commending all those who attended my coronation and reception. Truth need be told, the title isn’t mine alone, rather it is for all the youths, and I promise to be available to support and associate with all the Royal Fathers across board.

The Peace Ambassador, admonished the youth to discover themselves, be disciplined and focus, promising to bring prosperity, class, elegance, glamour, grandeur, panache and exceptional opportunities to the youth populace.

While holding this title, Danmutaqqa was nominated as Patron and Ambassador against Fake News, Brand Ambassador of A5 Global Logistics and Travel Ltd, bagged Honorary Doctorate Degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution, from EDEXCEL University, Port Novo, among others.

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