Sen. Monday Okpebholo, the record breaking lawmaker ensuring record breaking achievements in Edo State




Though the news of his election into the National Assembly to represent the good people of Edo Central rocked the entire communities, his appiontment as the committee chairman on public procurement of the house shook the entire four corners of the state to its brim. This is simply because he broke a seemingly unachievable record of being the first newly elected Senator to ameliorate the suffering of his constituents through provision of free transportation.
The Senator who is very humble recently splashed millions of Naira in buying cars for youths in his constituency and he didn’t make noise about it. This is indeed a sterling achievements for this young and ready to serve lawmaker who is so much loves by his people and adored by his supporters.

Sen Monday Okpebholo, aka AKPAKOMIZA as he is fondly called, a dependable and reliable politician has, since his assumption as a senator sponsored very vital and result-oriented motions, initiated for the benefit of the people of Edo State while he has also personally embarked on massive empowerment and life-enhancement programmes to the admiration of his constituencies.

As a way of encouraging the hardworking senator, Rt.hon Samson Osagie paid an a surprising visit to senator Monday Okpebholo.

Dr Tony Ikpasaja a professor with the university of Abuja and Sylvester Aigbogun and popular comedian from the senator constituency PIKOLO were also in his office. The visit was a solidarity visit to congratulate and also to encourage the senator who is making Edo proud.

Story by black celebrity magazine

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