Why Nigerians Should Be Patient, Trust APC, Tinubu to Deliver on Election Promises-APC Deputy Spokesman, Meseko



Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Duro Meseko has appealed to Nigerians for patience and trust in the ruling party and the ability of President Bola Tinubu to turn around the social and economic fortunes of the country, despite the pitfalls of the preceding administration and the effects of the fuel subsidy removal policy.

Meseko who spoke during an interactive session with journalists in Lokoja at the weekend assured that Nigerians can trust the current captain of Nigerian ship, President Tinubu to deliver on his election promises.

“He described President Tinubu as an experienced politician, businessman and public administrator, citing his exploit as Lagos Governor and what he has started doing in the first 100 days in office as president of Nigeria.

“When you talk of visionary leadership, give it to him. A little over 100 days in office, see what he has done even his worst critics know that this man means business,” he said, adding ,”He (Tinubu) identified that the global economic crisis occasioned largely by climate change, COVID19 scourge, among others, as the some of the factors responsible responsible for the setback in the economy of Nigeria under the preceding Muhammadu Buhari administration, including the more advanced societies. Some are still struggling to come out of the COVID 19 crisis. But for a country like Nigeria to have survived it, it is a strong will of a leader. You talked about former President Buhari, he tried his best to manage the COVID 19 crisis in a way that the economy did not go into total recession. So, if you ask me what Nigerians should expect from President Tinubu, Nigerians should expect rapid economic growth and development. Nigerians should expect their rights to be protected, Nigerians should expect in all sectors, especially health, education, power; a new lease of life. Infrastructures will be transformed and a new Nigeria will be birthed under President Tinubu. Take for instance his ministers, immediately they assumed office, they hit the ground running. Look at the FCT minister, look at Works minister. Fantastic individuals that are driving the “Renewed Hope” (mantra) of the president”.

Speaking further, he said, “The minister of Works is moving round all over the country ensuring that things are done in the right way. The president is giving out appointments ensuring that round pegs are put in round holes and on like that.
What we are going through presently is likened to a woman in labour and about to be delivered of a baby. The pain is much during the labour but there is huge joy when the baby is delivered. What we are going through is some little crises that will lead us to our greatness at the end. This is the price we must pay for us to get to our promised land as a nation. There is no nation today in the world that is great that has not gone through this road that we are passing through now. Very soon, we will arrive at our destination as a nation and all of us will rejoice and laugh”.

Meseko who is one of the recently sworn in members of the APC National Working Committee (NWC) described National Chairman, Abdullahi Ganduje as “a democrat and listener who believes in doing things the right way” with a promise that past intra-party squabbles and resultant court litigations would soon become a thing of history under the Ganduje-led new NWC.

“I have been here for only about three weeks now since our inauguration and what I have seen in the leadership of the party, especially the National Chairman of the party, he is a great democrat, a great listener, and a father figure. He is a very, very brilliant person. He believes in the rule of law and he believes in doing things the right way and I believe that it is a new dawn for the party. All these you are mentioning will never rare its head under the watch of our respected Chairman. I’ve seen him praticalized it. I’ve seen him talked about it and I can boldly tell you that we are in a new dawn in the APC. Yes, they may have come up in one way or the other in the past but you will never hear or see such under this new dispensation,” he said.

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