Don’t Condemn any church …Prophet I O Samuel


…….,The Body of Christ Must be united for Peace to reign in our Nation.

Listen Nigerians Don’t allows Any one Full you to discriminate any living ministry and condemn peoples doctrines or denominations listen am a man of spiritual and physical research over the years i have cut across denominations and nations of the world from birth till date

My name is prophet I O Samuel i was born and raised under anglican communion in Anambra state Awka we where told we are the best and i became closer to catholic families and found out it was a lie and met with so called white garments and saw great dedications and humility in another level in the past.

most great men of God in africa bishops prophets pastors apostle’s where incubated through them as foundation of theirs gifts; i say truth is lie not trace their roots they may wipe the trace and have great reformations ; they may cover up the history with suits today and so called pentecostal platforms ; but from your G O”s to Bishop’s to all your so called fathers and Apostles they where born under one or two of these real denominations celestial church ; sabbath ; Cherubim and Seraphim;Acppb Epkere Ufuma; Aladura and cac etc their great grand fathers served idols over the years when Gospel came to niger by Saint Samuel Ajayi crowder team etc they where in these’ local churches we condemn today

Brothers sir we are one just that today ritualists and spiritualists has taken over pulpits on suits claiming to be pastors having secret alters behind the alters

Am not saying this for them to have a hide out in my claims never God will judge us all in good and in bad secret activities

The only person that’s was openly rejected was my mentor saint prophet Tb-joshua is on the social media no need to say much but can’t hide the great works of charity love and global miracle crusades that’s cut across jewish nations asia south america etc on records but much in nigeria and africa only south africa and ghana once because of unbelievable and rejection.

what did he do as offense he did not join the nigeria Pentecostal cabal of pfm etc they rejected him and kumuyi and later accepted kumuyi but tb-joshua was rejected in life and in death.

as prophet is not recognized in his own country today one white garment prophet has been accepted nation wide by all Gos bishops etc it pains me when we look at these things as we run the race of love and eternity let our fathers solve these problems of division in nigeria christianity and demolitions go on social media the legacy of today apostles and posters with prophets is exchange of words and condemning fathers if we don’t stop this another religion will crush christianity in relevance governance and population in a short while i can only remind you of turkey where they had revivals by the first apostle they where all christians now muslims uk is latest nigeria is next this prophecy may be slow but it will come to pass by our own biological children ;

Sint Follow The Crowd Follow The Cloud Jesus christ Is Coming Soon He Should Not Meet Nigeria Church Divided Like This No Love We Can’t Fix A Blessed Country Shame On Us A Political Policy Can Close Your Church Keep playing Cabal Games With The Kingdom; I bet me mark my words and check my prophecies of the past events globally am in shock at the internal christian hatred for our own brothers may God interpret this words to the world because i spoke from the realm of the prophetic in the linage of Abraham ; Moses and Elijah .

My Name Is Prophet I O samuel Shiloh Word Chapel Abuja

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