National Association of Nigerian students Stands in Solidarity with Mr. Jesam Micheal in Pursuit of Justice


The National Association of Nigerian Students issues this statement to express unwavering solidarity with Mr. Jesam Micheal, CEO of AAS, amidst recent events of financial malpractice.

Mr. Jesam Micheal, a respected figure within the Nigerian youth and crypto community, has been a beacon of trustworthiness and integrity in his dealings. His platform, AAS, an online arbitrage investment platform with a global presence, has positively impacted countless lives by providing honest and timely returns to its investors.

Mr. Jesam Micheal’s decision to entrust Mr. Abayomi Oluwasesan with access to the AAS platform was not taken lightly. It came at a time when Mr. Jesam, facing a serious health challenge requiring surgery, had to make difficult choices regarding the management of his affairs. In an act of goodwill and trust, Mr. Jesam believed that Mr. Abayomi would act in the best interest of the investors on the platform during his absence. This decision was a testament to Mr. Jesam’s character and his dedication to upholding transparency and accountability in his business dealings.

However, the betrayal of this trust by Mr. Abayomi Oluwasesan is nothing short of reprehensible. What began as an act of compassion and solidarity during a challenging period for Mr. Jesam quickly turned into a nightmare for the investors on the AAS platform. The deliberate exploitation of Mr. Jesam’s vulnerability underscores the depths to which some individuals are willing to sink in pursuit of personal gain. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of exercising caution and diligence, even in seemingly benevolent circumstances.

The actions of Mr. Abayomi Oluwasesan represent a blatant violation of the principles of integrity and honesty that are fundamental to our society. By preying upon the trust placed in him by Mr. Jesam Micheal and the investors on the AAS platform, Mr. Abayomi has caused immeasurable harm not only to individuals but also to the integrity of our financial ecosystem. His actions have eroded confidence in legitimate investment opportunities and have underscored the need for robust safeguards against fraudulent activities, particularly within the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and online investments.

In light to address the recent disturbing events surrounding a viral assault video that has circulated on social media. It has come to our attention that there are misleading narratives regarding the true victims involved in this unsettling situation.

Contrary to what has been portrayed, it is essential to clarify that Mr. Jesam Michael, the CEO of Afriq Arbitrage System, and the numerous investors affected by this unfortunate incident are the true victims in this unfolding saga. Mr. Michael, as the complainant in a case before the Federal High Court, Abuja, has endured cyberbullying and cyber stalking orchestrated by individuals who have spread false and incriminating messages against him, despite never being investors of the company.

Regrettably, Barrister Maxwell Opara has chosen to advocate for these individuals, allegedly motivated by monetary gains, despite being fully aware of the truth of the matter. It has come to light that Mr. Opara and the accused were purportedly collaborating on behalf of a confessed fraudster, Abayomi Oluwasesan, who admitted to embezzling $87 millionf of investors’ funds under Mr. Michael’s management. These investors span over 540 countries, states, and provinces worldwide.

Mr. Michael’s unwavering commitment to seeking justice has unfortunately led to backlash from Mr. Oluwasesan and his associates, who have resorted to blackmail and fabrications on social media in an attempt to undermine Mr. Michael’s credibility. Despite facing threats to his life, Mr. Michael remains resolute in his pursuit of justice and urges those who doubt the validity of his claims to seek clarification from the appropriate legal authorities.

I kindly ask for your discretion and cooperation in disseminating the accurate information regarding this matter. The truth deserves to be brought to light, and justice must prevail for all those impacted by these distressing event.

As we call for justice to be served in this matter, we also urge regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies to redouble their efforts in combating financial crimes and protecting the interests of investors. It is incumbent upon us as a society to hold perpetrators of fraud accountable for their actions and to ensure that victims receive the restitution they rightfully deserve. Only through swift and decisive action can we deter future instances of financial malpractice and uphold the principles of fairness and accountability that underpin our collective well-being.

Furthermore, we urge members of the public to exercise caution and due diligence in their financial dealings, especially within the burgeoning crypto space. It is imperative that we remain vigilant against opportunistic individuals who seek to exploit others for personal gain.

In conclusion, the National Leadership of National Association of Nigerian Students, reiterates its unequivocal support for Mr. Jesam Micheal and his pursuit of justice. We stand shoulder to shoulder with him and the affected investors, unwavering in our commitment to uphold honesty, integrity, and accountability within our society.

Sincerely Yours in Nation Building,

Dist. Sen. Ekundina Segun Elvis
President of the Senate, NANS National.

Comrade Leo Kolawalole Mayowa
Assistant Secretary General, NANS National.

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