Pastor Kumuyi commends Prophet Israel Oladele


Founder and General superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry ,Pastor W.F Kumuyi has commended Prophet Israel Oladele of the Genesis Global City Church in alakuko area of Lagos

In a viral video where the televangelist asked his members who can give sacrificial offering from 10,000 and upwards to come to the altar and later thanked to those who came out that despite the harsh economic conditions of the country ,they are still willing to give, he thanked them and said they should look for anyone in their family or around them who is in desperate need and give it to them as this is not the time to task or ask members for tithes and offerings
Pastor Kumuyi said when he saw the video he lost his audience
According to pastor Kumuyi”all the offering is not just for church,there are poor people around ,there are unemployed people around,there are indigent people around ,but we must build our camp ground DLICC,I understand we must build ,while you’re building your neigbours are dying,your neigbours who do not have anything to feed themselves should be our priority now” he concluded
Prophet isreal Oladele who is known for his blunt messages is a giver especially to the poor
He has written several books in his name and his Genesis Global church is one of the fastest growing churches in Nigeria with branches in the UK and USA


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