—-How staffs robbed
customer of their belongings

United bank for Africa, UBA who is one of the oldest bank in
the continent and suppose to be a role model to other new generation bank is
not laying good foundation at all, they have now turned to something else as their
staffs now robbed customer of there belongings. Even in their services too, lot
of customers still complain of their old style of administer there services, some
customer who witness these latest scenario now refer to the bank as a
fraudulent bank, it all happen some few months ago when a lady who is there
customer with name withheld came to do some transaction at the Ogba branch (ikeja)
of UBA in Lagos. According to the banking rules you are not allow to enter the
banking hall with belongings, she drop her belongings at the provided box, lock
the box and go ahead to do her transaction, after she was done came out to the
box, alas the box that was locked with key was open and empty, in that bag she
had cash, certificate and other vital document, all effort to know the where
about of her bag prove abortive, the attention of the bank officials was called,
initially they said the bank will look into it that the lady should come back
in two days time, she was there but nothing was done .even until this story is
filed in, nothing has been done, the question in the lips of eyewitness at the
scene is that when will UBA improve on their services. That is not the only
complain by their customer, reliable information gathered that in one of their
branches in Benin city, Edo State a customer parked his car in the premises of
the bank and before he came back from his transaction his car was botched and
all his belonging cash and phone stolen whereas their security staffs are
monitoring the bank. we have other mind blowing gist about the dirty deal of
the bank in our next publication

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